Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ASFSD : From Jakarta with love

Yeah, I don't know how to say, but lately, I somehow find somebody that I believe could make me happy. I have strong feelings? I wasn't sure, it is not that I doubt it but I think it is me, Aiman, who's afraid of the future. What will the future be? Is it just for a while, or even few seconds of happiness? Or we can sustain it until we believe that, this is the time to let it go?  We are in the same shoe when it comes to this. But I don't think that it is the problem now. The only thing that matters right now is, do we share the same feeling? The eagerness of this relationship? Or we're just fooling around like a 15 year-old kid's love? I know where I stand. I am not that young, in fact, I am too old to play such tricks. When I agreed to have commitment, it means that I am deciding it with my brain and heart. I dived into the deepest of my heart, and walk to the furthest of my brain, so that I have a fair judgment emotionally and rationally. But I don't know what's happening right now. I don't even get a clue, and somehow, it hurts a little bit, when you left me unsaid. I thought we've agreed that everything that happen is based on honesty. I do mind if the truth hurts, but I rather feels hurt by truth than keep it silent, like what you do right now. I try to think as positive as I can be that you aren't leaving, but it keep coming back, for that is the thing that I am afraid THE MOST!  - Tobe left behind! I am fragile when it comes to this feeling and yet I am strong when I know the truth. But in the end, it is not me who give the decision. It is you. I am not just playing games, I am serious. As for now, I am still stick to where I stand and say I LOVE YOU.