Monday, 28 June 2010

Less Sleep, Less Study, Less emotion

Aku tak rasa nak menulis benda bermanfaat.. mungkin esok.. just nak story benda...
Ok, the title is quite clear.. that is what i feel right now.. But I wonder why I didn't get pissed with this.. Actually, last week, on Friday, my English group called our respected lecturer, to discuss about our English presentation. He said that he wanted to do it on Tuesday (today) at 7 a.m.. We were somehow kind of disagreed with it because we will be sitting for our final exam on the day after. But, he claimed that he didn't have any other time to evaluate the presentations other than Tuesday. Therefore, by hook or by crook we have to do it on Tuesday...

Ok lah macam tu kan.. nak buat macam mana... kalau English x siap.. nanti kene extend satu semester.. hanya kerana xbuat English presentation kan! So, kami-kami yang penuh dedicated ni buat la preparation smalam.. Korbankan waktu study untuk final exam.. prepare semua untuk presentation.. Slide, report and etc.. bukan xprepare before this.. tp considering that, kene present sorang-sorang, so kene lah berlatih, sebab kitorang ni xlah fasih berbahasa omputih tu!

Aku? xdapat tido dari semalam sampai sekarang ni ha... tadi pergi kat faculty, jumpa dokter.. dia cakap........................ dia kene cek dulu dan kita kene book tempat dll!! hangin??!! mungkin sedikit hangin disitu... tapi aku dah expect dah.. dahla esok nak exam.. buku xbukak satu hape... less sleep lagi.. jadi.. emosi pon less jugak! kesimpulannya, miscommucation tu sangat tidak baik ye... esok nak exam.. tp memandangkan aku tak cukup tido.. aku kene tido dulu.. doakan la kejayaan aku ye.... sesiapa yang terbaca ni.. esok final HOM (hematology and oncology) aka kelainan darah dan barah??? macam tu lah kiranya,,


Sunday, 27 June 2010


Hari ni (270610) adalah hari yang kurang menyenangkan buat aku.. Tapi hari yang menggembirakan juga! There's a lot of things happened today which made my heart beats harder... And my blood pressure? Increasing outstandingly for some stupid reasons... Rasa macam nak cerita banyak, tapi dah terlalu pagi untuk menulis.. In fact aku ada exam on  this coming Wednesday, yang aku belum bukak buku satu hape lagi! 

Hari ni dok lepak kat KL Village with my close friends from University of Indonesia, Anah and Cken! Best giler, banyak benda yang diceritakan! Well of course la kan, dah jarang-jarang jumpa.. hambik kau 7 jam dok kat kopitiam! hahaha

Dalam pada masa yang sama aku sangat marah dengan keadaan yang berlaku.. banyak benda... cuma aku untuk pagi ni, apa yang aku leh cakap is, kalau tak tahu bertanya, jangan pura-pura tahu... and, jangan terlalu yakin dengan apa yang kita buat semuanya betul sebab, kadangkala terlalu yakin tu lah menybabkan semua benda jadi salah.. at the end of the day, buat orang lain pening nak pikir... tapi apa pun, ambik lah pengajaran dari kesilapan sebab semua orang pun didunia ni masih belajar okeh!

pastu... ENGLAND KALAH!! dem!!!!!

that's all for today..

kalau yang "membaca"... tolong doakan exam aku on this Wednesday.. Final Exam for Hematology and Oncology... Cuak!!!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Heart 2

Tuhan itu Maha Mengetahui hamba-Nya. Dugaan yang diberikan adalah sesuai dengan kemampuan kita, hanya tergantung kita untuk menerimanya.. Hakikat walaupun kita mampu tetapi kita tidak yakin dengan janji-Nya kerana itulah kita sering hanyut.. Semoga Allah menetapkan hati kita semua dalam redhanya...

Heart 1

Sometimes, you might feel hurt, but you denying it. But the more you try to get rid of the feeling, the more it hurts you. You don't want to feel that way anymore, but you still keep doing it (the things that make you feel hurt) That is human and that is me....


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Malaysian Education :Abolishing UPSR and PMR

It is a little late to discuss about this matter for I am busy doing other things for sure... I am not sure what is the main agenda of proposing this, but I am sure the government (the Deputy Prime Minister to be more specific) has scrutinize this matter inside and outside before he propose it to the members of the parliament. 

As in this world, it is full of uncertainties.. Which means, even a single matter in that happened to be in this world, it will have its own pros and cons. And I believe, this issue shares the same underlying basic, which, it has its own pros and cons. To my personal opinion, I would say that I am kind of disagree with the suggestion. And I am going to share my respond from this article : Annual Assessments and School Test Option

Before I go further, I would like to remind, this English-based post, is just a trial for me to write in English considering that I am very certain that my English has been drown in an unknown lake which it makes it even worse than worse.. So, you will find millions of spelling and grammar mistakes, and I am sorry.

Starts with  "the current system was too exam-oriented"

This thing has been an issues since ages ago, everybody going to blame the education system especially when they want to decide either they want to go to boarding school or not.. because they believed schools nowadays are "too exam-oriented".. Basically, I have a question in my mind which I hardly find the answer : "what is wrong of being exam-oriented students?" However, I would like to respond to this matter simultaneously with this:

"He suggested that school-based assessments be conducted in place of the public examinations."

So, this is what I understand form the first two paragraphs of this article, the government suggest that UPSR and PMR are abolished and they change it to school-based exam. I don't think there is a problem of changing the modus operandi from PMR or UPSR to school-based exam, but what is the different between those two entities? Students are still going to sit for exams by any chance.. In fact, this school-based exam is still under the surveillance of Malaysian Examination Syndicate (MES)which the questions are set by them, therefore, I don't think it could make any "big" change towards the education system.. The students are still being "oriented by exam". I am an exam-oriented students, and the fact that being a student as such does not limit me to join any extra curricular activities. In fact, I believed, my school is too exam oriented, we focus too much in our academic to sustain our academic performance. But I don't think it is a hindrance for us to join and be active in extra co-curricular activities. This is a respond to

"It would enhance creativity and innovation, apart from encouraging active involvement of students in sports and co-curricular activities."

To me, being exam oriented doesn't have any significant correlation with extra co-curricular activities. My theory is that, they think that because the students are too focus with their study so they don't have time to get active in such activities. Yeah, it is correct, if you think that our students are very keen to books and notes! It's an excused made by them so that least homework are given! Oh trust me, I had been in their shoes before. I am well to understand such feeling with such excuses. The fact is, when they have ample time at home, the also have more time, to surf the internet, mingle with their friends and or in another word more time to waste their time.. And that is absolutely true! I am experts in making such excuses... We do! even though I am one of them (making excuses, hoping that there are no homework at all and etc) but still, I know that this is a teenage drama.. I admit it.. So actually, being active in extra co-curricular activity does not affected by the exam-oriented system.

“It avoids rote learning which does not emphasise independent thinking,”

I am kind of shocked when I read this... Most of the reasons are in theories and not practical. Extra co-curricular activities, independent thinking, creativity and innovation? I think the government should point out a stronger arguments for this issue.. There is a vast different between theory and reality. I believed, I had written this when I sat for MUET. The cons of exam-oriented. It is true, at that time I agreed that the government should ban exam-oriented system but I did that is for the sake of passing my exam. That's all, why? because our citizens' mind have been programmed to such reasons... EXAM ORIENTED IS NEGATIVE.  Ok, continue, there is no way, of being an exam-oriented students hinders you to be creative, innovative, or independent thinking.  Because I think, the method of the government is trying to propose is merely the same with the previous one, both systems, students need to sit for exam, and I am definitely sure that each school aims for flying colors. So, how does the latter could "allow" the students to be "more" creative and innovative and most importantly to have an independent thinking? And how they define creativity? creating a mural? or nowadays, a graffiti maybe? Innovative? does our system now does not offer such innovation? Too many things are remain unclear in this issue. Therefore I would like to suggest the government, to sit and look again, on this matter.

"Muhyiddin said studies by the Education Ministry showed there were too many public examinations locally as opposed to just one in other countries."

I think, that is the problem in our country where we tend to compare with other country "too much" I think it is very unique if we have more public examinations. Other countries might have one, but the question here, is not how few we have but how does these public exams is being implemented and does the implementation achieve its goal. It is our mentality, Malaysians mentality, everything that other country does is true.. That is why I believe, our late prime minister, Tun is so unique, the idea of "Dasar Pandang Ke Timur",  try not to look at it just on its surface, implement its gist.. Is that, not every single thing that the western does is correct and true. Some of the countries are well developed and their systems are different. Can we guarantee that when Malaysia has only one public exam the students are better comparatively?

Ok, let me conclude (not a conclusion, not yet but I am concluding above issue) there is a different between a developing country and a developed country. And now, in Malaysia, we need to consider the "demanding prospect". Demanding Prospect here means that, what do we lack of and what do we need. Most of these demanding prospects requires a very strong fundamental in academics. Example, teachers, doctors, pharmacists, engineer and many more. Therefore, in order to have a very strong fundamental in academic I think exam-oriented system fixed the bill.. And I think there is no way it could limit students' independent skill. The government's expectation to the teenagers are "too" high. I am not being pessimist, but I think being too optimist isn't good as well. Try this, go to Kuala Lumpur on weekdays, Bangsar, Shah Alam, or Klang maybe, look what our fellow friends do after schools hours. I am upset with such situation. Especially the Malays. It is hard to admit but I think that is the fact. We have a lot of students with full of aspiration and bla bla bla.. but! We also have a lot of "unlucky students", WHICH, the effect that latter caused is more than the previous one. See what I mean? Its getting too far from the topic isn't it? not really, Its simple, the government thinks that EO limits students capabilities, because they believe that our teenager are good, but actually they are just too good to be true. So to enhance students' capability, EO is not the one that they need to discuss, but the students themselves. In fact, by EO itself, it has produced many talented Malaysians. It is not upon the system but most importantly the students.

Finally, I would like to give you an example :

I read one blog discussing about this thing. He said that it is somehow irrelevant to determine students' capability by using our present education system. As for HIM, he wasn't a good student previously, He does not have flying colors and etc. But at the end of the day, he manage to succeed. He took a diploma and then further his study dor a degree and so on. Therefore EO actually is not the best sollution (he is agreeing to the government's action)
Well, here are my point of view :
1. How many Malaysians have a WILL as such? aware with their future like this guy? (Optimist or pessimist doesn't count, the reality does)
I am so glad that Malaysians have such will, but I really hope that more Malaysians do.. We have been in the comfort zone too long, which makes us forget, that the future doesn't promise anything but uncertainties.

I am not banning the government action, but I think, they should scrutinize this matter more before they make any decision. List more strong reasons than just pointing out an essay theory reason..

There are few things that I haven't discussed yet 
1. Human resource
2. Tamil and chinese teachers
3.burden of handling exam..

Sorry for my English....


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What are you going to do?

Hehe.. sometimes when you feel like there are a lots of things that you wanna share but you don't know what was it actually, what you are going to do??

I happened to be in that kind of situation right now.. I wanna tell and share something but I don't know what is it... But I think its something huge! But wasn't sure still...



Monday, 21 June 2010


Genre : Romance 

If you are going to watch a romance movie, I would suggest you guys to watch these movies... In my opinion, these movies are not just a love story, but it shows how a person could  uphold the ultimate meaning of love (uuuuuuuuuuuu..) Yeah, it is not just a puppy love. But a true love which involve sacrifice and pain. Love is not only about happiness, because love is only a piece of a love jigsaw puzzle. I believe most of us had watched it but, I don't think it is a big deal to share aite!

Notebook (2004)

Cast : Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

Cast : Cameron Diaz

Dear John (2010)

Casts : Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried

Actually there are few other stories but as for today, I think 3 is more than enough :)

Notebook and Dear John were actually a novel-based movies written by Nicholas Sparks while Notebook and My sister's keeper were directed by the same person (Nick Cassavetes)
Enjoy the movies!

Weight Gaining

Considering that I am too skinny.. So a senior of mine, who's nearly finish her doctorate (faculty of medicine) had suggested me to read something about weight gaining diet, and I find it very useful to me and to skinny people out there...

Info's taken from [stronglifts[dot]com/how-to-gain-weight-for-skinny-guys]


Skinny guys often say they can eat anything they want without gaining weight. They think they’re blessed with a fast metabolism. They’ll say: “I make women jealous with my metabolism. I can eat junk food all day without gaining weight”.
Truth is you can eat anything you want without gaining weight because you’re not eating a lot. I know you think you do, but you’re not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be skinny. Here’s how to gain weight for skinny guys.

1. Track Calories
. Skinny guys often overestimate what they eat. Read the labels, use a food scale and track your daily caloric intake using FitDay. You need at least your body-weight in lbs x 20kcal daily to gain weight.

2. Set a Goal Weight
. A rule of thumb is at least 1kg for each cm above 1m (use this converter). Anything less you’ll always look skinny. There’s no upper limit, if you want to weigh more go for it. Examples of minimum goal weights:
  • 1m70/5’7″ at least 70kg/154lbs
  • 1m75/5’9″ at least 75kg/165lbs
  • 1m80/5’11″ at least 80kg/176lbs
  • 1m85/6’1″ at least 85kg/187lbs
  • 1m90/6’3″ at least 90kg/200lbs

3. Eat Every 3 Hours
. You need at least your body-weight in lbs x 20 kcal to gain weight. That’s 2700kcal/day if you’re 135lbs. If you have a physical job or move a lot, you’ll need even more. Eat every 3 hours.
  • Breakfast. Get calories from the first hour. Read how to build the habit of eating breakfast and try these breakfast recipes.
  • Lunch & Diner. Prepare double portions while making breakfast. 1 portion for work/school, 1 portion when you get back.
  • Snacks. Mixed nuts, fruits, dried fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, sandwiches, milk, protein shakes, …
  • Post Workout. Physical activities burn calories. Eat post workout to get that energy back. Check this post workout shake recipe.

4. Eat Calorie Dense Foods
. 100g raw rice is 380kcals. 100g raw spinach is only 25kcals. Getting your daily calorie intake is easier if you eat foods high in calories. Your best options:
  • Pasta. 100g pasta is 380kcal and easier to ingest than 100g rice. Whole grain pasta is healthier, but takes longer to digest. Eat white pasta.
  • Whole Milk. If you don’t bother gaining some fat, drink 1 gallon whole milk per day on top of your current food intake. I’ve seen guys gaining 60lbs/year drinking 1 gallon per milk per day while Squatting 3x/week.
  • Nuts. Mixed nuts & natural peanut butter have +500kcal/100g, about 50% healthy fats and 25% protein. Use mixed nuts as snack & throw peanut butter on sandwiches for work/school.
  • Olive Oil. Protects against heart diseases & cancer. Sip it like vodka (it’s not that bad, really) or use it for tomato pasta sauce. 1tbsp is 100kcal.

5. Get Stronger.
You want to go from skinny to muscular, not from skinny to chubby. Get into strength training. More strength is more muscle. If you don’t know where to start, check StrongLifts 5×5. Some tips.
  • Free Weights. Force you to stabilize the weight and allow for natural motions. Start light, focus on technique and add weight progressively.
  • Compound Exercises. Do exercises that work your whole body. Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Bench Press, Pull-ups, Dips, Barbell Row, …
  • Squat. Leg exercise stressing your whole body. When you can Squat 1.5x your body-weight for 1 rep, you’ll no longer be skinny. Squat often.
  • Rest. Muscle grow when you rest, not when you workout. Don’t train daily. Sleep, drink 1 gallon water daily and eat fruits/veggies.

6. Eat Protein.
You need 1g protein per pound of body-weight per day to build & maintain muscle. If you weigh 150lbs/68kg, that’s 150g protein per day. Eat whole protein with each meal. Sources of protein:
  • Red Meat. Ground round, steaks, deer, buffalo, …
  • Poultry. Chicken breast, whole chicken, turkey, duck, …
  • Fish. Tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, …
  • Eggs. Eat the yolk, it’s full of vitamins.
  • Dairy. Milk, cottage cheese, quark, yogurt, whey, …

7. Plan.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. You don’t have time to cook 3x/day, and the food at work/school is often low quality/more expensive. Prepare your food in advance and take it with you.
  • Do The Grocery. Avoid skipped meals because you don’t have food available. List everything you need for 1 week and go buy it.
  • Cook in Advance. Prepare all your meals once per day: while preparing breakfast or while preparing dinner. It takes about 40mins.
  • Keep it Simple. Make double portions, take leftovers with you, use cans of tuna & mixed nuts, 1 gallon milk per day, …
  • Take Food with You. Food containers for work/school, mixed nuts at the movies, eat before going to town, take protein shakes to the gym, …

8. Track Progress.
Success breeds success. Knowing that you’re losing your skinny look will keep you motivated. Track everything.
  • Track Calories. Continue tracking your daily caloric intake using FitDay so you get a confirmation of how many calories you’re eating.
  • Weigh Yourself Weekly. Gaining weight? Don’t change anything. Not gaining weight? Increase your daily caloric intake by 500kcal.
  • Take Pictures. The mirror is subjective. Pictures don’t lie. Shoot pictures bi-monthly so you have objective measurements of your progress.
  • Track Strength Gains. When you can Squat 1.5x your body-weight for 1 rep, you’ll no more be skinny. Use the StrongLifts 5×5 spreadsheet.

Weight Gain Diet.
3500+kcal example diet for a skinny guy who wants to weigh 180lbs/81kg. This can be too much at once if you’re only 135lbs/61kg or not enough if you’re very active. Individualize the diet based on your needs.
  • Breakfast: 100g oats, 50g raisins, 1scoop whey
  • Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
  • Lunch: 200g white pasta, bolognese sause, parmesan cheese
  • Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
  • Post workout shake: 1.5scoops whey, 60g oats, milk, banana
  • Dinner: 200g white pasta, bolognese sause, parmesan cheese
  • Pre bed: cottage cheese, berries, flax seed, fish oil

Good Luck!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

210610 ; 0113 WIB

Hidup ni kadang-kadang aneh... kita tak pernah  puas dengan apa yang kita ada.. but even worse, we envy things that other peole have too much... until sometimes, it makes us hate them without any reason.. salah siapa? mungkin kita perlu akur itu salah kita.. mungkin sebagai manusia kita perlu belajar untuk menerima diri kita seadanya.. tak semua orang dapat apa yang kita ada, dan begitu jugak sebaliknya... tak semua perkara yang orang dapat kita akan dapat.. mungkin kita, sebagai manusia perlu belajar untuk merima hakikat itu, walaupun hakikat itulah yang paling sulit untuk diterima.. adalah mustahil untuk seorang manusia itu tidak punya rasa cemburu, tapi mungkin rasa cemburu itu sendiri perlu dikurangi.. mungkin ini adalah nasihat aku, buat diriku sendiri, dan kita semua :)

Few Things About World Cup!

Hye there!

Sebenarnnya kind of awkward when talking about football, sebab aku ni bukan lah penggemar football sangat... lain lah kalau badminton... laju je! rasa nak buang air pon aku sanggup tahan 3 jam! haha.. betol ni! tp selamat la ada few seconds before second match, so leh la g toilet.. tu pon sekejap je! kalau lama aku bakal tahan! hahaha.. tp apa pun sekarang ni bukan musim badminton and now its world cup! daannggg baby! aku rasa benda-benda ni its lame, because I believe many bloggers have talk about it, but in case if readers haven't read from them yet, so now rasa macam nak share sumthing.. manusia and football... jenis2 makhluk2 saat WC or EPL.  ada beberapa jenis makhluk (penonton) bola ni sebenarnya... and rasanya  sume orang dah tahu kan tp nak buat macam mana memandang kan aku dah lama tak hapdate dgn benda2 yang sedikit tidak mengarut maka this is my point of view :

1. Kaki bola

If you scrutinize these people's leg, you might see a ball that resemble a leg! bukan kaki tu macam bola, tp sebenarnya kaki diorang tu sebenarnya adalah bola! hehe.. tapi diorang ni memang gila bab bola... tanya je la apa pon pasal bola, kompem leh jawab! footballers, jurulatih, siap family history diorang ni pon depa tahu agaknya, selamatla depa x keen sgt nak tahu pasal linesman and referee kan! haha.. yang pemes to malaysians are subkhidin salleh! tu la among yg depa tahu.. (takat subkhidin aku pun kenal ;p) kalau la ada final exam pasal bola.. these are the high achievers! malang nya xda study course macam tu kan.. paling kalau sports pon, aku xsure apa exam die, but definitely lah bukan pasal pemain2 bola kot! nak tunjuk macam mana dedicated nye diorang ni pasal bola, i have an example, close to me, my housemates.. exam 8 am pon diorang leh tgk bola gak at 1 a.m tu! cool kan! aku xkesah je, asalkan xeffect study korang tremendously, so its fine la kan ;p dr yang akan tido at 12 leh proceed until 3 am.. gila lah! aku yang tido ni pon leh terkejut dengar diorang ni jerit2.. haha.. tp sekadar terjaga je la.. pastu aku sambung balik tidow.. kwang2.. tapi memang lah nampak, diorang memang kaki bola.. everything is football... favorite sport is football la kan..tak kan la, gymnastic pulak! kwang3... even worse, dr yang tak da tv kat bilik tu, time world cup ni boleh pulak ada tv! hahaha.. cool! maksudnya memanglah depa suke sgt tengok bola kan! kalau la OCD ada pasal bola, sure patient OCD of football banyak kan? kan? hehe.. at least they have interest! envy them somehow! haha.. aku? setakat duduk2 tengok je la kan.. so kategori aku, definitely bukan kaki bola.. kaki tulang ke, kaki pompuan ke, kaki lain2 leh la! hahahaha..

BOOM!! Hahaha.. ni je yang aku jumpa.. dan yang ni yang paling menarik! hahaha


Yang ni pulak, dah nama biasa2 kan, xlah obsess sangat dengan bola.. setakat tahu-tahu gitu je.. kalau time WC diorang tahu la hari ni sape lawan sape.. and tanya-tanya la jugak sape menang and etc.. kalau xdapat tgk match hari tu pon xla menangis air mata darah sampai kuar2 hingus kan... diorang cool je kalau xtgk bola.. bontot pon xla gelisah sangat time match! weee... but kalau ajak minum2 tgk bola, diorang on je. boleh sorak jerit2 lagi.. but compared to yang minat bola, they are less hysteric la time sorak2 tu... kwang2.. tp definitely la diorang ni tahu jugak serba serbi pasal bola even though not as much as in no 1. 

3. tak nak malu

ni lain siket.. sebenarnya diorang ni xtahu la sgt pasal bola.. minat? sedikit hambar bila ditanya. tapi dek kerana takut org perli dan kutuk, maka, they choose to act like one- a football lovers.  benda ni terutamanya pada lelaki la kan.. pada aku, ada je orang macam ni kat dunia ni, tak minat pon bola, tanya pon tahu siket2 je, setakat kenal david bekam tu.. ala mak aih.... aku pon leh cakap, rooney wayne lah.. alah, xyah tgk tv pun semua org leh tahu.. lagi si park ji sung tu.. hahahaha....adoi!!!! sejenis kot mata dia ngan aku.. so ini je la yang depa tahu.. yang lain2 xtahu pon! tp time WC ni memandangkan 4 tahun sekali, so nak atau tak nak pura2 lah amek tahu sebab takut nanti orang ejek mereka tak "lelaki" sebab tak tgk bola.. ni lah manusia-manusia yang antara yang bermasalah apabila isu bola timbul!! kwang3 respon aku? lelaki atau tak bukan sebab ko tgk bola ke x... tapi ada bola ke x ok!! haaa.. takat tengok bola, pompuan pon tgk.. ada kah perempuan itu ber"bola" seperti lelaki haaaa..fikir2kan lah ye...ok2, jangan fikir yang bukan2 ok! tu fakta walaupun sedikit tidak sopan.. pada aku normal je benda tu, sebab dah duduk medik ni, alah, xda apa2 lah benda tu.. hahaha.. maka fikir2kan lah.. kalau korang malu sebab korang takut orang perli korang tak suka bola, maka that part  (MALU sebab org perli) yang aku wonder, apakah korang berbola? benda tu pon nak malu, pape tah! tp ada je yang baru nak berjinak2 kenal bola, aku tak kesah pon, kawan2 tahu pasal bola n korang pon nak amek tahu, ok la macam tu, tp kembali kepada asbab nya, kalau sebab korang malu? hurm.. agak la memalukan.. aku pernah jumpa orang macam ni ook! time sekolah dulu! xfaham aku kenapa..dan agak menyebalkan!

4.terdesak atau terpaksa = hipokrit

yang ni banyak nye perempuan.. haha sorry la ye.. so let me clarify awal2.. ada je permpuan yang memang suka tgk bola... so bagi yang memang suka tengok bola teruskan dan anda bukan dalam kategori ni ok! so jangan nak melatah lebih2 plak nanti... kenapa perempuan tu hipokrit? lagi2 yg kapel n yang nak berkapel! depa ni tak la tahu  sangat pasal bola, in fact tak tahu apa2 pon... "I sokong Man U" hak tuih! tu je la modal yang depa ada... lagi best, yang sokong Man U time world cup! hahahaha.. bongok ape tah makhluk2 ni!! haha.. aku baca kat facebook, aku pun.. wow!!!! gelak2 sampai cirit aku! haha..kot ye pun nak sokong.. kene la tahu dulu.. since when ManU join world cup?? pastu tulih kat facebook lak kan?? xke memalukan... lagi-lagi add orang macam aku.. haha.. memang kene gelak! jangan pasni time EPL ada yang nak sokong brazil lak kan? kwang3.. tp nak buat macam mana, dah laki dia suka bola, so dia pon kene la tunjuk dia "sokong" bola kan.. so sokong lah ManU time World Cup... orang-orang macam ni  la yang aku tak faham.. emangnya kalau udah pacaran itu minatnya harus sama ya? yang ga suka jd suka gara-gara memuaskan hati pacarnya?? aduuuuuuuhhh.. kalau gini, ridiculous kot! ni la yang aku rasa, kesah percintaan yang last clash cepat, sebab apa? yang aku tahu in love, you need to accept your partner the way they are.. ni tak, ikot je semua benda, benda yang ko tak suka pon jadi suka, last-last kau merana. tak ke bongok namanya tu.. dan yang ni? meeemang banyak... lelaki jarang tahu melainkan perempuan tu mengantoikan dirinya sendiri.. hahaha.. kenapa perlu sampai memperbodohkan diri? kalau sayang, xperlu kot memperbodohkan diri.. kat siapa lagi ko nak tunjuk ur true color kalau bukan kat orang yang tersayang? kalau xsuka cakap la xsuka.. tak pun cuba untuk suke.. tp bukan la "PURA-PURA SUKA" sampai ManU pon masuk world cup.. tak ke ngok sgt benda tu.. jadi kepada wani-wanita disana, ambil lah iktibar ye!

 A football love story
5.mencuci mata

ni khas untuk wanita (perempuan lagi! ahahaha) tapi ni pon betul sebab aku ada baca kat satu blog tu... watching footballs dah jadi satu hobi tuk diorang! haha.. cool! basically they don't mind of who's winning the game.. not at all.. tp kalau Chelsea vs Newcastle ke.. mesti depa sokong Chelsea kan.. so sorak tu lebih porak peranda la siket.. hahaha... tp tu bukan game itu intention diorang, diorang nye main intention is bila these players score goal je, kan it was like a tradition scorer bukak baju! haaa time ini lah peluang keemasan diorang, estrogen semua naik.. terbeliak mata, air liur meleleh2, suddenly adrinaline rush, heart beat pon increasing kan! hahahaha... happy lak time tu depa2 ni.. xkira lah sapa yang score... time tu tak kesah sokong team mana.. asal dpt tgk.. sengal! eeh jgn main2 ada satu pompuan tulis benda ni kat blog dia.. aku gelak2 je baca.. jadi, football tu adalah bukan sahaja medium bersukan untuk perempuan tp untuk mencuci mata.. jangan salah.. tak mustahil perempuan2 nanti berdoyon2 g minum teh tgk bola gara-gara kes ini! haha.. jadi, adakah perempuan atau gf2 anda seperti ini? fikir2kan! hahahaha

 ROONEY WAYNE (ni ke yang depa tgk??)

6. nak cari awek atau nak jaga awek atau??

ni pendek je... dah jelas dah kan? ye lah, perempuan2 sekarang dah pandai pilih.. kalau zaman dulu mak bapak pilihkan, so xda la isu ni.. sebab dia tahu "bakal" awek dia atau awek dia suka lelaki yang tgk bola, maka dia terpaksalah menyukai bola! hahaha.. ni xleh komen lebih, sebab sama je kes dia ngan yg diatas.. tapi bezanya, kalau lelaki buat macam ni selalunya xlah salah because its football and footbal is for men. okeh! tp kalau baca title kat atas tu, ada 3 komponen, nak cari awek, nak jaga awek and the other one is atau??? apekah ataunya.. ni lelaki yang "konon"nya nak tunjuk lelaki... hahaha.. dalam erti kata lain hipokrit.. sebab pada mereka lelaki tu, tgk bola, cakap kasa, pukul org dan sbgainya.. which actually, kau adalah makhluk tuhan yang tinggal di zaman batu lagi! to me, girls nowadays are wise enough to know that kind of hypocrisy! kalau pon xpandai sgt, at least wiser than you! hahaha.. aku kenal orang macam ni.. seko or dua... kelakar pon ada gak.. walaupun dalam dunia cyber, xyah tgk depan mata, i can know this kind of attitude.. these peoples are pathetic kot!! tak yah la nak buat benda2 macam ni.. you look silly lah!

last and least not

7. orang yang tak amek tahu apa2 pon

untuk mereka, samada mereka memang xsuka tgk bola atau xamek kesah.. huhuu.. tu je kan.. so xda lah isu desperate nak buat itu dan ini, atau nak cuci mata... atau nak berdrama dengan kekasih hati selolah-olah korang suka bola atau, korang memang tak kekasih ! hahaha


i am more to number 7.. tp pada aku, husemate aku tgk je bola.. aku dengar je.. ajak tgk, aku tgk lah.. tp aku xla banghal sgt pasal bola.. korang tanya siket2 aku tahu la kan... tp as i said before aku tak lah ngefan bola i am more to badminton.. infact kalau nak ikut kan, aku jarang kesah dengan persekitaran sebab kerja aku, tida sahajja! hahaha.. tp aku tgk je, WC ni ada la 3-4 match yang aku tgk.. time maghrib2 tu sure la aku tak tgk kan.. hahah.. yg terharunya, aku siap leh bukak intenet tv nak tgk sat ari tu.. hahaha.. aku pon komfius kenapa aku tgk.. tp aku xkesah je kan :)) fevert?? aku xda la feveret player kan... buleh la aku tengok2 siket... sekarng ni.. fokus Japan! walau pun rasanya macam x menang.. tp at least masuk la doule octo ye!! please!!! muka dah sama dah! hahahahaha

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A bullshit EXAM!

 Selamat SIANG (intro xleh baik2 sebab content sangat tak sopan), dengan bangganya kami mengumumkan bahawa kita akan menjalankan exam secara paperless! tepok tangan semua! gila ke hape! diorang ingat exam ni ape? suka suki? oi ni dah third year lah! bukan first year and second year! kot ye pon nak buat bahan uji kaji buat la kat 1st year.. and, ingat kitorang ni tikus ke hape nak uji2 macam tu! tolong la be rational! kate among the BEST university in Indonesia.. macam ni ke aspirasi yang korang nak buat? irrelevant kowt! rasanya budak2 primary school pon leh tahu benda ni x wajar.. exam tggl sehari je lagi.. hari ni baru bagi tahu.. ewah3.. kalau bagi tahu exam batal ke, exam sekarang leh tiru2 ke xpe gak! exam buat paperless! TAPI BUKAN SETIAP PELAJAR DI BERI SATU LAPTOP OK! ko hadap la screen tanpa layar yang ko pancarkan kat dinding tu.. hadap ramai2... aspirasi ke ASSpirasi?? ya Allah hai.. dah 3rd year kot... dalam byk2 students kenapa la 3rd year yang korang nak kacau.. otak xda ka? sorry la, no offense.. bukan soal berkat ke x, tapi kalau pike2 balik jelas kot benda ni tak wajar!

ni nasehat siket ye..

we know that your aim is high... nak setanding dengan level antarabangsa.. tp be rational la.. try jalan2 kat lantai 1 tu, tgk library tu.. rasa2 overc macam tu x? haa.. fyi, sebenarnya x.. kot ye pon nak ada nilai2 estetika, tolong la tuka buku2 tu jadi buku baru2 ye.. nni x.. buku 1970 pon ada lagi kat situ.. siapa yang nak baca? alumni?? bosan2 datang library baca buku2 lama? eh come la.. ni evidence based medicine, buku2 tu semua dah xleh nak pakai dah... sorry to say la.. its the fact!

lepas tu, try la pulak jalan2 lagi dari ground floor sampai 7th floor, ada x ciri2 smart lab ke? haaa.. kalau xda upgrade la benda2 tu dulu.. org selalunya nak buat paperless exam ni, facilities dia kondusif.. 

its fine la, nak buat macam TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) ala2 MUET la kat mesia, sebab Malaysians labih byk amek muet dari TOEFL tp ada jugak yang amek.. xnampak ke beza... TOEFL (current issue, grammar, literature, opinion) and medic (physiology, anatomy, histology, pathophysiology, therapy, pathology) byk kowt! tu xkira micro and etc lagi!

eh hey! tolong la bukak mata tu besar2... aku suke kot modul ni! tp tak puas ati betul sebab exam buat macam ni.. cuba la fikir pasal students siket.. jangan la kerana ASSpiration yang tah apa2 students jadi mangsa keadaan.. result in jeopardy kot macam ni!

1. tingkat pemikiran mahasiswa itu berbeza
2.cara mahasiswa tackle soalan tu berbeza
3. setiap soalan bukan sama, ada yang senang, susah, sangat susah, jadi, allocation waktu untuk setiap soalan berbeza, xleh nak pukul rata semua sama
4. perkara ini dilakukan dengan SGT MENDADAK

sekiranya 4 permasalahan pokok ini dapat diselesaikan, mungkin barulah wajar untuk DIPERTIMBANGKAN untuk buat paperless exam ni! jangan sebok nak ikot TOEFL kalau benda2 lain pun berantakan ok!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


As I mentioned earlier, in my previous entry, I would like to upload my photos during Malam Anak Malaysia last Sunday,. So, here are the photos

Amy, ME, Rai

Chinese vs Indian Muslim
Tikowt , Me

Middle East vs Asian
Zaza, Me

Malaysian vs Korean??
Anah, Me
Queen, Lady in the veil, XoXo
Pijot, Combee, Me

Finally, knee injury! hahaha

My point of view of the night, it was 85% of a success.. However, there are few things which improvement are needed... Food, and preparation.. People might not know, but maybe as the organizer should know about it!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Oh BeBe

Before aku cerita pasal entry aku ni, just a sum up of my day, yesterday and today (refer to June 5th)

June 4th - EXAM! respond? Freaking-ly difficult, I think even a specialist can't score 90%. Absolutely sure.. The questions aren't fit for the students! especially like me [who find himself hard enough to read books!] Kind of stress out! but then I went to Roxy Mas.. I even withdraw some cash... The best part is that, when you have small amount of money but you need to spend you money for important things, you precious money some how faded away in a blink of an eye! The cash flows like the water does, even faster than a waterfall! And finally you need to restrict you food consumption and other to ensure that the money can last for at least 2 weeks! Argggh!!! MONEY + EXAM = Major Depression Disorder!

June 5th - Nothing much, a friend of mine called, early in the morning, few seconds after midnight! Alarming me with an emergency situation.. Its a false alarm by the way (but she didn't mean to do that actually). She was so worried because her housemate, which happens to be her best friend wasn't at home even though it was 1 o'clock  already. She-her best friend; off her phone, and going out alone without extra money.. weird and worrisome . Yeah, its kind of logic for her to be worried actually, after midnight and her friend didn't come back home yet. So, as a batch representative, I helped her just a little bit, calling here and there.. it was like a cliffhanger. But it turns out that the girl came back home... And me? PISSED OFF! why? simple, how would you feel, when your friend went out, switched off her mobile phone, so there are no any means to contact her, and you aren't being informed where she wanna go, and you know she has financial problem for the time being? DAMN WORRIED isn't it? and then because you care for her and afraid that something bad had happened to her, so you asked other people help to find her and it turns out that she is just find, and its just her mood dragged her to somewhere that you don't know?! FREAK!!

in the evening, I had my dinner with my housemates.. nice!! and then I went to a mall, and a friend of mine invited me to eat sushi! to my great "surprise" it taste awful in my mouth!! Sorry guys, sushi isn't my type I think! hahahaa

Post : Oh BeBe

Lagi beberapa jam aku akan pergi dinner kat Hotel Nikko. Wow!! Teruja! Harapan aku, semoga ia seindah seperti yang di canangkan :)  Apa kaitan dengan BeBe (pronounce the "e" letter like you pronounce "e" in esok) BeBe ni sekadar cara menyebut blackberry dalam bahasa Indonesia je.. hahahaha... sebab, kitorang duk Jakarta ni dah berkurun lamanya, so we tend to speak Indonesian fluently.. xla fluent sangat tapi lumayan la (boleh tahanla) hahaha... setakat Ashraff Sinclair tu, baru beginner je tu... aku dengar dia cakap macam nak suntik je botox kat lidah dia bagi kejang! haish! aku lagi pandai ber-sinetron kalee ;p eeh, ber"ia" pulak kan tetiba. haha.. Just, aku rasa aku kurang senang dengan tindakkan mengagung-agungkan negara lain sedangkan negara sendiri ada.. tu je.. oh BeBe, untuk dinner malam karang, ada cabutan bertuah.. selalunya aku ni nasib malang kan.. super duper malang la sebab most of the times aku takkan dapat cabutan bertuah ni... tak tahu la badi apa kan.. maybe tuhan marah sebab kutuk orang banyak sangat kan.. tu yang TUAH xpernah ada.. jadi g dinner tanpa TUAH, duduk la disana hanya makan KUAH dan BUAH ye :) Semua orang yang g mengidam nak dapat benda ni.. haha.. aku pun turut serta la kan, walaupun aku tahu aku ni xmungkin dapat.. setakat mengidam je la! haha.. other than that, is ipod shuffle, yang aku pun tak tahu apa kegunaannya memandangkan aku ni buta tech, and also, TIKET BALIK MALAYSIA! Oh negaraku!! hahaaha.. kalau lah dapat kan.. sure2 aku melompat2 macam kera kat hotel tu... hahahaha.. ape kesah! dah dapat! haha.. 

also, perkara yang malang menjadi aku, selain dari tuah jarang ada, aku jugak buta teknologi siket, ipod shuffle? aku tak tahu ape kenda alahnya benda tu, sekadar reti sebut je, and tahu tu dari apple... kalau tengok blog aku ni, takda pon gambar2 macam blog orang lain, sebab? aku xdak kamera and aku xlah rajin nak mengupload2 ni.. lagi pun, karang kalau korang tangok gambar-gambar aku.. korang muntah-muntah.. jelek sangat... ada aku kesah? haha.. tapi recommended pada yang nak jadi Bulimia Nervosa.. haha...tapi malam kang aku akan cuba mengupload gambar aku kat hotel ek! hahahahahahahahhahahahha

BLURRR~ adios!


Thursday, 3 June 2010


Suddenly kan.. membuak-buak pulak nafsu aku nak tulis kat blog dalam dua and tiga hari ni... F.Y.I sekarang ni I am keen untuk melayan beberapa kawan di Facebook yang sebenarnya aku pun tak kenal. A guy and a girl.  I wasn't sure why, maybe I am too bored until I need to tease everyone! haha.. Or maybe we have something in common... But I opt the first one, sebab kalau nak kata we have something in common, aku rasa macam tak je, sebab aku tengok life diorang ni happening je, unlike me kan.. balik kelas tido, and dok melangak je dalam bilik... Kalau nak bukak pintu bilik tu pun sebab terpaksa keluar pergi beli makan, kalau tak harapan lah pintu bilik aku nak terbukak.. hehehe.. maka inilah yang dikatakan HIDUP SEORANG LOSER! hahaha.. don't mind, people have their own way to happy themselves aite? and me, I think as for the time being, this is the best way :) berada didalam gua biru yang macam-macam ada.. ada katil ada laptop dan katil dan laptop dan katil lagi and etc.. haha

Post : Demmmm!!

1. Esok exam

Benda yang paling menarik didunia adalah ujian setiap dua minggu selama 3 tahun berturut2 demmm!!! Sistem apekah yang lebih menarik seperti ini... It's a torture to my emotions! First week module dah fikir, kene stadi ni, minggu depan nak exam! [hahaha... sangatlah menipu kalau aku fikir macam tu kan!!!] mau kene terajang oleh diri sendiri kalau aku cakap macam tu!! It's either I was jinxed or possessed by an alien or something like that atau it is not even me! Kalau lah aku berubah sampai macam tu, sure2 mak aku menangis2 kat rumah buat kenduri kesyukuran segala sebab aku sudah berjaya berubah kan... dari super malas kepada super rajin... and pada aku, its impossible.. so no feast and so on la kan.. hahaha.. Esok nak exam, buku x habis baca lagi as usual... DEMMM!!! kalau lah all the notes boleh buat stew, and absorb kat otak aku yang dah macam kene simen ni, aku dah buat dah.. even I am glad untuk sedekah kat member-member lain kan! Buat macam kenduri sebelum exam.. aku bagi 16 hours before and another one 8 hours before, so dia leh digest 2x... takut2 ada yang terkeluar jadi taik, so aku bagi lagi sekali.. hambek kau!!! kalau ko xsanggup nak telan aku dengan murah hati membantu! tp kalau aku tolong aku bg yang menggelegak la kan! baru kaw!! and also,kalau korang nak aku campur kodok dalam tu pon boleh! hahahaha... [aku xmakan ek kodok, just teringat kat sini kaya dengan kodok dan tikus yang rupenya seiras seperti ayam2 yang korang makan tu] nak moooooooontah!! Maka, kesimpulan isu pertama yang mengarut ini, aku belum habis baca buku lagi... DEMMM!!

2. Download

Aku punyalah dengan kesabaran yang ada, dengan exam menjelang tiba aku cubalah mendownload satu anime bengong ni... Naruto... Macam budak-budak pulak kan... ade aku kesah???! Ntah kenapa ntah aku suka sangat tengok benda alah tu.. orang baca manga tapi aku x.. sorry la aku xmain la, katun2 lukis ni, xbergerak beb! hitam putih lak tu.. xbernafsu aku tengok! [padahal pernah trauma membaca] aku baca2 satu komik ni, dah dekat separuh, aku aneh.. kenapa la cerita ni macam flash back... makin kebelakang je cerita ni.. pastu punya la, naive tanya member, apasal cerita ni asyik flashback... member aku cakap xda pun.. aku pun tunjuk la... dah dia gelak2.. ape kes kau! nak aku pijak perut kau sampai terburai usus2? gelak xpasal2... rupa2nya aku baca buku tu dari belakang! macam syial je kene gelak! tu time after form 5 the first comic book yang aku try2 nak baca... teruk benor aku ni! budak2 gelak2 kan aku kan... ade la yang gelak2 tu buat muka ala2 nak kene cium dengan tapak tangan aku kan! paaaang sekali baru tahu! ok mengarut! sambung cerita.. berusaha aku download,  byk kali dah asek fail je!! darah aku pun naik la kan! seb baik laptop xmelambung di awang-awangan! haish! berkat kesabaran dan kesopanan aku, last dapat gak download... time download, baca la buku.. KONONNYE LA.... padahal x senang duduk.. bontot tu gatal je nak tgk laptop dah abis download ke belum... xsampai 10 minit kang tgk laptop balik.. rasa macam nak letak je gam gajah kat kerusi so that xleh gerak2... tp kang susah pulak nak p toilet kan... so xjadilah gam.. akhirnya!!!! siap download! punyalah berusaha "memujuk diri" untuk berhenti study and tgk anime sat.. last, xda benda yang menarik pon! DEMMMM!! adelah 3 minit yang action, yang lain sume macam duduk kat kelas sejarah! boleh tidoq sampai air liur terkeluar! haish! panassss!!!!!

See betapa devoted nya aku dengan cerita ni!  Above all, episode yang kali ni, memang hampeh!

3. dah start ngantuk! buku tak abis baca.. esok exam! demm!!!!!!

blackout! hahahha


The F word not the F bomb!

I chatted with my friend recently. A medical student in India. It has been months since our last chat. This time its kind of different, because not only we chat about studies and nonsense but also about "love" hahaha... I love it when it comes to "LOVE discussion session" It was like the epinephrine suddenly was produce tremendously by the gland! Concentrate and focus! haha... The gist of the conversation, I prefer to remain it to be unknown.. hahaha... But actually that is not what I'm gonna talk about. Its about friendship actually. We know each other only for a week during BTN, before we flew to our respected country of disaster ;p It is only a week and then we haven't seen each other for almost three years! But the friendship is still there.. It makes us wonder why?! I think I figure it out easily though... I am somehow, expert at reasoning ;)

p/s : sorry for the grammar or words or anything lah!! Otak dah berkarat total! ;p


First of all, I apt to differentiate between those who I know and friends, hard to understand isn't it.. maybe lack of vocabulary leads to this issue... In another words : Siapakah kawan, dan siapakah kenalan.. Clear? hehe

These two terms share the same quality which time never involve in this matter. For example, doesn't mean that you know someone for  years makes him/her to be your best friend, or even your friend. Maybe he/she is just a person that you know, full stop. And, doesn't mean that you know a person for a week or two can't be your friend. To me friends is more than just knowing a person. It is easy to say, "A real friend is not one who only entertain you, but one who cares about you, one who will be there when you cry" Easy right? Not really... Its damn hard you know. Not just that, I think the worst part of becoming a friend is that you are willing to say its wrong when you know it hurts... That is what a friend does, because they care... But at the end of the day it you who determine it..

It's going to be a  very long post if I talk about this with my own point of view. It'll be longer if it is in Malay.. With all the nice words hahaha...

the question is : do we have what it takes to be a friend?

Friendship is like a gift. A simple analogy, You bought a house.. An empty house, and then somebody came and give you a present for the new house, a frame maybe.. Its beautiful, eye-captivated. But it is upon you where to put it, it's either you want to put in your living room so that everybody can see it, or to keep it private in your room so that you are the only one who can admire the art given! Or, at the kitchen where it is exposed to all the dirt, or even put it in the store and kept it covered in dust. As the last resort, you might consider to throw it away! That is how friendship work, as a person, you may give them the "friendship". Its beautiful, but it is upon him/her, where to put you in his/her heart. It's their choice and not yours. Believe it or not, that is the fact.. That is why I, as I mentioned earlier, friendship isn't about how long you know them but most importantly HOW YOU VALUE THEM-FRIEND.  

And even if they put you at the kitchen or even inside the store, my advice, don't be sad. If they don't want to appreciate you like you appreciate them, many people will do. Also, if you are sincere to have such friendship, you wouldn't mind even if the throw you away. You've done the right thing. Ok!

May Allah bless you :)


Wednesday, 2 June 2010


 I know I'm kind of not being up-to-date.. But hey! I feel sorry for myself too! Haha.. Here's are the movies that I watched these 2 days (yesterday and today)

Mother's Little Helper

Off all the movies, Dear John and Leap Year are the best! Till then!