Monday, 25 October 2010

New Department

Department of Psychiatry

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


A lot of things to cover... More than 20 cases and physical examination need to be mastered within two days.. I don't think that I can... But then again, what is the purpose of living if you don't fight! I'll do my best! when this entry is posted, I am already in the class striving.. Hope I can make it, like others do.. InshaAllah

Monday, 18 October 2010

Department of Pediatric

It has been one week after I started my journey into pediatric department... Honestly, I love it, means that I do understand now, how and what its like to be a doctor.. or at least a pediatrician-to-be, which definitely so not me... We got the chance to do the history taking ourselves and as well as physical examination.. Isn't that exciting?!

But the problem is that, you need to have all the knowledge stuck in your very brain before you hit the road! I mean, after wasting 3 years of my life in Jakarta, knowing-nothing-at-all, it is so hard for me to do this kind of thing.. Don't blame me for that.. haha... Blame the environment for not being comfortable enough , which makes me so hard to read all the books. Or blame the weather instead! for its too hot until I choose to sleep all the time.. hehe.. and blame the laptop! the only reason I stuck in front of this sophisticated-awkward alien is because, Facebook, and Twitter.. lol~

I need to understand many things in limited of time! Worst part?? 

E X A M . I S . O N . F R I D A Y !
Oh please.... please be kind and pray for my success.. thank you :)

trust me! being a doctor is not as happy as this one... 
she got ADHD..  that's why she smiles a lot! hahaha

Bandoeng Games Rock!

Hahahahahaha... it has been two weeks after Bandung Games, and I only update about it... NOW!!  As a conclusion, I am a super-lazy-boy stuck in a very inconducive atmosphere and environment.. and not to forget the time constrain of becoming a-doctor-to-be-and-not-a-doc-wanna-be. So it takes me weeks to share...

Bandung as a whole, is ok for me... Allow me to say something before I show how happy I was when I was in Bandoeng..

1. Dinner : C. I am sorry to say, but I think the committee members should learn more to organize such a huge event like this.. [muniri will be so piss-off when she reads this.. hehe.. but then again, it depends on how you taking it.. if it is to improve your skills, I think, why you need to be pissed with such comment aite?] This is a huge event, VIP is a minister, so, you need to ensure everything is in a good co-ordination. Students' discipline and other... To me, it is not yet, up to the standard of a Bandung Games... First attempt is not an excuse because I believe Bandung has quite experienced holding this kind of events.

2. Masters of Ceremony : hurm... they need to learn more... Master of Ceremony is the MASTER of the ceremony... Protocols, formality, language and etc.. You need to master everything... I am not trying to say that I am good..I am not.. Not at all.. I have seen many talented MCs more that I do.. And in fact, I'm good in one occasion only.. Formal occasion. That's why I am kind of upset with the MCs performance that night.. Advice... try to learn more.. In fact, we should be grateful we have Mr. Rudy to guide us..

3. Saturday : A- except netball team.. 2 games in a row.. until 4 players from Jakarta injured...So if they use "this is the first time" excuse.. I accept it. Even though I pissed off a little bit.. But, its rational to use that excuse. so i was pissed just a little bit..

4. Closing ceremony : again C. Complaints?? there is a huge different  between Sports Day @ school and Bandung Games.. SHOULD BE.. ok... I was so late.. so these were the comments from those players that I heard.. Jkt, Srby, Malang, Yogja and few ore... (I think its true too!) Hey! look at the positive way... At least you can improve rather than being satisfied all the time :)

5. Overall, it is not about how you do but it's why... And even though there were things that I said above were "negative" but hey, objective achieved! We gather, we meet new friends.. It is more important than the dinner that I mentioned isn't it? Good job guys! I know its hard.. Honestly, I know how hard it is... So, I think, everything is ok :)

Partner in Crime

Jakarta vs Pekan Baru

Bandoeng!!!!! Syok Abizz!

Farewell Bandung!

Blood Donation! WOW!

Bowling... hahahhaha.. shhhh

Part time Model : MDD lol~

I too, an artist... It runs in my blood ok Yuna!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Dasar kau koas racun
baru jaga eh udah tidur
PF nggak sopan santun
...mentang-mentang pasien orang kampung

Kau asal inspeksi
kau asal palpasi
kau asal perkusi

Eh kau goblok sekali
tanpa auskultasi kau bilang tanpa rhonki
Eh kau tak tahu malu
pasiennya apneu kau malah happy-happy

Pasien kelojotan
matanya melotot
Lima menit kejang
kamu malah ngorok

Banyak-banyak kau gaya
nilai enggak pernah A
Dasar koas alay
kerjanya cuma santai

Sorry sorry sorry dek
konsulen sudah tahu
Sorry sorry sorry gan
Kau ngulang tahun depan!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


There are few things that I believe, I should proud to be a Malaysian, especially nowadays,

1. Rapid growth of the country itself. I mean, even though the world now, is struck by a global economic crisis, Malaysia once again, stand-up and managed to survive through this polemic. Malaysians are ground-breakers!

2. We have our unique way in solving either internal or foreign problems. The idea of diplomacy, is among the best solution to ensure that problems are solved. Not just an ordinary diplomacy, remember! Malaysia is well-known of its "sopan dan santun", "berbudi pekerti" etc. The combination of these qualities and "diplomacy" makes us shine in the eyes of the world.

3. Outstanding achievements. Years ago, some of us, banned the government (even some of the government servants as well) for their "stupidity" proposing the twin tower,  international circuit and etc.. Claiming these "stupid" ideas consumed a huge amount of money. But! at the end of the day, these brilliant ideas proposed by the government are the things that makes every single Malaysian proud! Read this (KLCC) and this (SIC) for more info.

What else? Oh yesterday, I googled something and to my surprise I found this thing! :

In contrary, there few things that I do feel upset with Malaysia. Actually not Malaysia but Malaysians.. And most of it is the attitude.

1. Proud to be Malaysian! : Many Malaysians are proud to be a part of this wonderful country! And so am I. But that is not just that. Proud-to-be-Malaysian is not only the way you are feeling proud but most importantly, your actions towards your country! What do you do? Hanging out with your best friends at the best mall that this country offers? Is that all? Wasting your time here and there? Sitting around and wait for the government's aid? Is it? Think about it. Show to everybody that you are REALLY proud to be a Malaysian.. Act now! or else, I guaranteed that your child in the future will mocked you before your face because of those thing. Think about it.

2. This is actually my "MAIN" point. read this. I mean, it is true that you want to have a better life.. So, do I. some of the foreign countries offers more and better opportunities to us. And it is undeniable that the wage is higher, comparatively. But what makes me feel sad, is that, these Malaysians, sometimes abandoning their own country as well.. You can google it and you might fine many articles or even videos about Malaysians in overseas complaining about their own country. And now, when Malaysia has grown better economically, they claim that Malaysia is THEIR beloved country. Oh! That's a very selfish of them! You throw away your country, and then, seconds after that you hug them back when they make you proud! Learn this quality please... That, you can feel proud.

3. Sorry to say, but I have a very firm stand of this patriotic issue.

Above all, proud to be Malaysian! :D

Monday, 4 October 2010

Justin Bieber

Oh Crap! now the world of entertainment are eagerly discussing about the newly cute and famous young artist, Justin Bieber is actually a 51 year-old man who's masquerading like a 16 year-old, Justin! Hahaha... It's all over the news! In fact, here, in Jakarta there's an hour tv program, specifically discussing about the issue! And now, the funniest part is that all the Bieber's fan are so confused with the situation (until some of them cried! haha)..

watch this if you wanna know further

And now, police are identifying the fact, either Justin is a really 16 year-old boy, or actually he is an old man, having a psychiatric disorder, or to be more specific its pedophile. You can read this to get more information about this psychiatric disorder. To me, the investigation is kind of absurd in some way... Yeah, LAPD are investigating all the clothes, or anything else that this so-called Bieber possess to identify whether he is a "true" Bieber or the "false" one...

Don't you think that these peoples are just making this things up?? I mean, just to show that LAPD is doing something.. I don't know actually but my opinion is that, why don't they just arrest the 51 year-old Bieber and then forced the 16 year-old Bieber to show up/reveal himself to the crowd? If he shows up, it means that the story of an old Bieber is just another story that people made it up.. And if he doesn't show up, mean that the Bieber that "everybody" likes is just an old pedophile! hahaha

is that easy?? And then, continue to find all the information needed and proofs as well.. Case closed ;p

p/s : I bet this "gigi rongak" boy is a better version of Justin Bieber! He is even more... NATURAL! and funnier! enjoy!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kes Dera

Aku tak tahu la nak cakap macam mana... you can read this for further information...

Apa yang nak jadi dengan rakyat Malaysia sekarang ni? Kes rogol berlambak-lambak. Ditambah dengan kes buang anak yang tak tahu dah berapa banyak.. And now, kes dera ibu pulak...

Sorry to say, tapi pada pendapat aku, personally, tajuk berita ni tidak sesuai. Ini bukan sayang namanya.. this is what we called spoiled.. To be honest, ada orang akan cakap, spoiled also shows that you love your child but actually not. Spoiling your child makes these children act to you without respect. Seorang ibu yang menyanyangi anaknya akan mendidik anak untuk menghormati orang lain terutama orang tua. that is what they should learn.

Lagi sedih apabila mereka (sang ibu) mendiamkan diri setelah didera... Sayang KATANYA... Ingat, sayang itu bukan sahaja perlu di dunia, tetapi diakhirat juga... Saidina Umar pernah menyuruh anaknya di hukum dengan hukuman hudud tatkala baginda mendapati anaknya berzina. Kenapa? kerana baginda menyayangi anaknya didunia dan diakhirat.. Ambillah pengajaran dari kisah itu. Dengan mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan anak terbebas dari hukuman dan tidak mendidik mereka, itu bukan lah sayang tetapi itu adalah "ignorance"

Malu dengan remaja sekarang kerena mereka sanggup melakukan perkara ini kepada ibu baa mereka.. Isn't that enough how the school teach you how to respect your parents?? What do you learn at school?? How to do sex? Throwing away babies? Disrespect you parents? Is that it?? I am sorry, you guys, but things happened around recently makes me jump into a conclusion that teenagers nowadays are stupid and immature..