Tuesday, 23 March 2010


My day today is as fun as usual- I my consider to consult my psychiatry lecturer when I said that. I mean, is there is any kind of fun when you are staying here unwillingly? But I should be grateful for Allah gives me the another opportunity to further my study abroad [Alhamdulillah], after I messed it up during my S.P.M. I had a really terrible cough yesterday and drags until now, at this very moment! I can barely sleep with the coughing singing through my vacuum-ear. My ears are like vacuum, which absorb every single noise around me like the electronic vacuum that suck every single dust! So I decided to go to buy antitussive so that they could advice my rebellious throat to stop coughing.

Fortunately! The syrup comforts me very well, I had a really nice sleep until I missed my class at 8 a.m. There are two things that make me feel so fortunate this morning, one, I had a really good sleep and two, I woke up late! Haha.. Then i went to group discussion which is I never consider it as a group discussion. A discussion is suppose to be informative, however my group discussion is not. A discussion should have a really good leader which we don't have a good one today. Me? I am too good for them and I give them chance to make themselves shine. But they are so pathetic when it comes to leadership. So, in a nut shell my discussion today was sucks! Also, the antitussive syrup did a really amazing job pampering my eyes. I felt sleepy again and again.

After that, I went back home to take a nap, before the next class started after the lunch hour. My class was quite okay, it's just we had a hard time differentiating some of the terms- because Indonesia Language never runs in our Malaysian blood, therefore there are few terms that hardly understand.

At night, nothing much... Playing games only.. I think my brain is stuck in a traffic jam so I can't share many things with you guys. This is what happen when you think too much [Am I? haha] so your brain will get stuck somewhere you can't find it. ;)

Good night!


Sunday, 21 March 2010


My happiest moment of my life has been stolen by the alien of the night. I can't sleep! I wonder why I can't sleep, because as far as I am concerned I am so damn gifted when it comes to sleep. I tried so many things to make me fall asleep- after doing all the thing that I've listed in my brain, but its futile. The best option that I have to make me fall asleep is to read my lecture notes, but still, my eyes didn't close. Not at all!! I read a chapter of a novel that I bought, I went online and forcing my eyes to stay close, and yet, wide awake! I reckon my housemate jinx me for the lost of his football team today!


Actually, I don't know what to say, I don't even know what I'm writing and why... Its my fingers doing all the job without asking the permission from its master. Even my eyes disobey all my instructions today. As if I'm a puppet controlled by something... The worst part of this ultimate phenomenon is that I need to stay awake for the whole day! I have classes until 3 p.m. Owh my god!! I'm a DEAD MEAT!!!!! How can I stay awake? I am a very caring and loving master! My eyes need a rest, and my brain need to be nurtured with sleep! This tragedy is an impeccable one to ruin my whole day! Hope everything is going well today...



Haven't started to do anything yet, especially study! My exam is on Monday next week. The good this is that I haven't started any of it! Which suppose to be a bad thing actually. But I prefer to look it as a positive way!

1. Being misjudged

I hate when this thing happened. Especially when the one that misjudged me is my friend! A brother and a best friend to me! Hell yeah, I feel kind of hurt! But just for a while.. I mean, I know who I am, and the fact that I am being misjudged is not a big deal. I am used to it. It is just that, when I value the idea of friendship so much, and I was treated that way, I do feel kind of hurt. I mean, I am a normal human being I think.. Am I? haha.. But a bit sensitive.. That's all.. But to me, being judgmental is everybody. Especially me. So it's okay. It is not okay when a friend, who I believe nearly understand me entirely think me that way. That's all

2. Family

This one is a big one. Not my family which gives me this kind of genes that I'm going to talk about. but my debate family. People asked me why I am so obsessed with debate? Errr.... I haven't had any answer for that. Maybe it about passion. I was kind of worried because one of this family member-which happens to be genetically different with me, did not managed to further his study abroad. His result? Better than me- academically and morally, but I'm still a good one though! haha.. As a senior, I feel sorry for him. I don't know what to say but I think, as for now, the best thing to do is to pray hoping that Allah give him the opportunity to go abroad. This thing happens is all because the new system in our country... Political issues resulting this kind of things to happen..

3. Business

I have started my third round for my business. Kebaya, kurung and others.. Hope everything's going well... Need extra money as a bulwark against starvation here!! haha


Friday, 19 March 2010

Welcoming words

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi there, it has been months since I stopped blogging. And now, I think I wan to do it once again. Purpose?Am not sure, still. Maybe to express myself in my own way and, I hope that I can enhance my English proficiency. I think that's all for now. Thank you ;)