Saturday, 22 October 2011

Days of the un-acknowledged doctor

pheeewww! Hectic life I shall say.. If a Malaysian medical student claims that their 4th year and 5th year are tiresome, I would be so glad to switch place with them now.. Since, working in Indonesia, as a student as well as a doctor-to-be is undeniably hectic and super tiresome! As a student, you don't have time to open book (literally reading your book) and as a doctor , you can't be a good one since you lack of knowledge and experience too! So, current prognosis : not-so-good...  That's all!


Friday, 25 March 2011

Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia

It is very ironic for a non-straight A's student talk about achievements.. But I think, based on my observation after 6 years leaving my high school, I am able to give good justification about it.

So basically, when we are talking about SPM there are two main groups that will become the center of the intention which are, pre-SPM students [the 5th formers] and post-SPM students [those who just received their result for the past 2 days]

1. Form five students

SPM is not just a mere national examination that you need to take, instead, it is a-must-excel-examination. So, believe me, you need to take it seriously for this is the starting point of your future! When I say future it means your career and your life onwards. Finance, and dreams! Promising future it is.  Good result offers you uncountable courses, anything that you want to [quota is excluded] Just name it, medicine, pharmacy, actuarial science, TESL, business, law? Almost anything! You can choose anything that you want. But choose wisely. Your decision determines your life ahead. Contrarily, you are forced only to study the course that has been offered by local universities [if you get the offer] whether you want it or not. Its by hook or by crook! The only solution that you have is to accept it if flying colors aren't in our hand. 

Nowadays, students are haunted by the idea of interest by all the motivators [which I think it is so ridiculous to motivate people that way]. This is what I used to hear "Ambil kos yang kita MINAT, sebab kalau tak minat susah nanti" One word : [C.O.N.T.E.M.P.T.I.B.L.E] It is true but it is also too good to be true.  However, because students are "motivated" by that idea, so I think I just pretend to agree with it for a while.  Just imagine, without good results, I bet you can't further your study to your interest accordingly.  Or you may, but you need to go to private universities, which you can only do that if your parents have triple-extra money in their pockets! So you don't have to bother about it. But what if they don't? Will you be able to further your study in the course that you favor the most? 

Be realistic. We live in real life! Students have became more intelligent day by day, year by year.. Just look at the results. Tons of students obtain straight A's.. So if you don't excel, believe me, HOT SEATS are NOT AVAILABLE for you. that's the fact! And the fact that you must know. So, my suggestion, study hard! Do not get hallucinated by the idea of study smart that much! Smart is subjective! They can't even explain the meaning of study smart very well. Or if you choose to believe it, so PLEASE study smart and hard! There's no such thing like smartworking but hardworking? there is..

2. Post-SPM students

Congratulations for the high-fliers! you deserved it! With all the hard work and prayer! Remember! Your parents and teachers are the pillars of your achievement! so DON'T EVER FORGET THEM!

And for those who didn't get good results, I know it is hard... If you read about the pre-SPM students, don't be sad. That is my way to motivate them. Like I said, be realistic and when you be realistic, everything is real. 
Let see... If you look at a cube, with your bare and naked eyes, you'll see three dimensional cube. So, real means, it is not one dimension. Things that exist in this world is not one sided. but two, three and maybe more, just like cube. There are about choices and options. I didn't get straight A's. I am the worst in my class. So I think I had been a close friend with failure for quite sometimes. But hey! Doesn't mean that your future is dark! Remember! Every cloud has its silver lining! And god is not cruel. He never does! 

Maybe the "so-called motivational talk" about interest doesn't work anymore [that's why I don't like it, because its selective!] I rather believe, when there's a will, there's a way! Believe me, interest can be develop! It is human to put barrier in front of it. That is why I hate the former motivation, because that is the barrier that hinders student to succeed. And in Malaysia, especially the Malays, due to such words, we choose to decide our future so lightly! I don't say all the Malays are like that, but, undeniable that many Malays are! Because of interest, students choose to learn fashion design than accountancy, modeling than physics. Why, because we have been living in an easy life since! Accountancy is difficult, and physics too! So, difficult things aren't our cups of tea since before. I am not try to generalized the Malays, but there are a lot of them think like that! Why? Because the idea of without interest it is hard to succeed! 

I don't mean to offend my race, because hey! I am a Malay! And I am proud to be a Malay! The reason why I say that is only one, to open your eyes! Face the reality! We're no longer in the comfort zone! not anymore!

Okay, back to business, SPM is everything for pre-SPM but not to you guys [post SPM students] There's always hope. As long as we work hard, we can get what we want! We might not get what we have dreamed before, but we can make a new dream right? You can't be a doctor, but you can be an engineer instead? The only key is to do your best! Let the unfavorable result as a lesson! A lesson to be remembered that you will not repeat again! And look at the positive side of it, god loves you! He knows that you are strong enough to face the challenge! He knows that you'll raise up to the challenge! He knows everything about you. If you do not fall today, you might fall in the future, and that time, you might fall hard! He wants you know how does it feel when you didn't get want you want, so in the future when you achieve something, you'll be even more grateful than others. See?? Believe in Him. He always knows the reason. 

So, don't just sit, SPM is not the only path. Do not compare to others, starts from the bottom again. You don't loose anything. I have seen many of those, who aren't choosy and they succeed. Follow their steps! Its you life, you paint it yourself.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011



Like people always said, everybody has a freedom of speech and giving his/her own opinion [which somehow I find it so exaggerate] but now, I am using those freedoms to write upon this issue. Because I think I have enough time to think wisely about giving my opinion about it.

But before that I would like you guys to watch these first.. 

Yeah, I think you get it right?  what actually I want to talk about.. But then again, I think before you make your own assumption or even opinion about it, I will be so glad if you could read mine first. Those videos have actually explained all the things that I want to say, but then again allow me to clarify. But before that :

1. M. Lutfi
2. Anwar Hadi
3. Teacher Shida

If you watch this and this  video, I actually am going to talk about it on my point of view about those three youtubers... 

Actually I am so upset and so disappointed whenever i watch nonsense in youtube. Some might find it hilarious and some don't. Again, everybody has the right to like and not to like, yeah, it's something that we call freedom aite? But to me what is more important is the reason for you to like and not to like because that is root of all things that happen. Reasons are the gist of it, whether something [matters that we discuss] are accepted or not. For example, The reason why someone goes to the water closet? To urinate? To fart? Taking a shower? All the reasons that I said are accepted right? I mean those reasons are reasonable and acceptable. However, what if they say that they wanna go to the water closet to eat? or to sleep? Get what I mean? later answers are more absurd and not reasonable. But it is undeniable there are those who do that. But logically, you don't eat and sleep in the water closet unless that is your bedroom or dining room too! So, reasons make something that happen is relevant or irrelevant, or in this case objectionable or otherwise.

So, I am going to tell you guys based on my opinion and reason as well as my preference about those videos above. I am so glad, happy and proud watching the first two videos [of course I linked the best video that they have-according to me] but contrarily I feel upset watching the last video [it is hilarious if you just watch without thinking about it though but I can't stop thinking while watching] Now, it is about the "why"..

It is obvious isn't it to like the two vidoes?  It's Men In Black (M.I.B)
M   essage          [C.H.E.C.K.E.D]
 I    nformative     [C.H.E.C.K.E.D]
B    eneficial        [C.H.E.C.K.E.D]

What else do you need. If you wanna say it  is gut-busting, it might not be , but I think its fun and jolly (At least I have fun watching it)

Nevertheless [wow! To my surprise I can use this word! Psycho!], unlike the other two videos, the final video makes me feel unease and angry somehow. For the first time I watched it, I think I was unconsciously mencarut! Why? 

1. She is a teacher. And I think a teacher should not do that. No matter how creative you want to be or what so ever it is, you can't deny the fact that you are a teacher. A teacher is to TEACH not only to EDUCATE. I bet, there are a lot of people out there are able to educate but it is very little of them able to teach. because there is a vast different between teaching and educating. Teaching is not just about the things that has been written in the books but teaching is more than that. Morality, ethics, judgments and life. It is good for her willing to be a teacher, not everybody wants it. To be a teacher is a noble thing to do, without teachers, I might not be able to write, or read, or maybe to be what I am right now. I don't have any problems for her being a teacher, in fact I really envy that.I truly am. But what makes me feel upset is what she has done and will do while she, herself is a teacher. Some might says , it is a small matter, but hey! small matter does matter! That is why we call it matters! Unfortunately, because we are too carried away by the idea of this "small matter" thing, we actually tend to hide and forget the result of it. 

Analogy given, it is common but it is logic and relevant. Littering [that's why I put M.Lutfi video in the first place]  everybody thinks that littering is a small matter, and because of that Malaysia nowadays aren't as beautiful as 20 years ago [I think so! hehe]. Another one, [so that people don't say that I am some kind of a plagiarist] corruption. Just think about it, if we corrupt a 10 MYR, because we think ten ringgit is a small amount thus makes it a small matter and we do it once a month.. What will happen if  100 workers in the respected building doing and think the same way. And in one state, there are 100 places doing the same thing with the same amount of the doers and the same amount of money? How much is it in a year can it be? 16.8 Million ringgit! 10 ringgit is a SMALL MATTER right? Now tell me, does 16.8 Million is small matter? You see..
This might be the result of taking it as a small matter, think about it :

So what could or might happen if she does that? Primary students are kids.. They are too young to think maturely and rationally. They can only differ obvious good and wrong e.g alms is good, stealing is wrong. clean is good and dirty is wrong. But this super-detail-and-sophisticated issue? They aren't ready to digest and evaluate it yet. Undeniable she is dong nothing wrong, absolutely! IF she is NOT a teacher. Students might define it another way around. Not just a mere fun doing such "lunatic" acts and post it in Youtube where everybody can watch it. And shall I say "that is the price that you need to pay of becoming a teacher" there are the DOs and the DON'Ts .. And this thing, I think it is DON'Ts' list. Students can make a fun out of her? Probably. Less respect? Might be. Of all things that happen nowadays, - students disrespecting their teachers, and so on, this make things worse! 

Oh come on! You are a teacher, the other two you tubers are just a university students and they uploaded very beneficial videos, don't you feel anything?? Who actually suppose to upload that kind of videos COMPARATIVELY?

2. She is a woman. Making a fun of herself... People laugh.. People have fun. But is that it? Yeah, I know, it makes us happy we carve the smile on others face, but do we need to do that? Of all options that we have in this world why this one? She put herself in jeopardy I think. But I dont' wanna discuss it further. There are many other ways to make people smile. Not just making yourself to look like a fool. Teachers are not comedian,

May I respond to this? Tak bagi pun aku nak jugak!

a. [0:28] Insults her 

>> We're not insulting [did I? I am sorry if I do, but I have put it in the nicest way, I think. haha] we're just hoping that she's not insulting herself that way. And bare in mind, career DOES MATTERS. Her career involves teaching and, as a teacher she know that. It is ETHICS.

b. [0:38] Envy

>>Envy? What makes you think people are envy? Popularity? Special ability? Envy of what? Mind to explain more? I am confused somehow. Envy might not be the best word. I'd rather said that we are CONCERNED and not envy.

c. [0:50] Happy by lip singing. And [0:55] He said burden is it?
>>We don't mind if anybody wants to do lip sing. Not at all, the problem is not about lip singing at all, it is about the way she portray herself while doing the lip sing. Lip sing? I do it as well! 

>>Burden to us? Literally no.. I don't feel burden. But hey! Does burden only involve waste of energy only? Or there are some other things that we can say it is a burden too. I am emotionally concerned about the kids future? Can that be categorized as a burden? If yes, so somehow it is a burden to some of us. not the haters but the concern-ers 

d. [1:00] teaching approaches and methodology 

>> lip singing has nothing to do with English. Its lip singing not pronunciation or even communication skills. None of it is involved because it is just a lip sing. And if it is a method of study why Malay, Indonesian and Arabic songs are there as well? Oh maybe the [0:50] is the best reason for the non-English songs is it? Okay then, acceptable. But bare in mind, from the smallest knowledge I know about this subject, lip sing is not the way to make student understand English more. But hey, I am not that good in English, and that is the reason why I'm writing it in English, is to enhanced my English proficiency.

e. [1:36] Boring way of teaching

>>I think there are a lot of other ways to teach. My teachers aren't just explaining and writing. We have quiz, gifts and other homework so I think it is exciting. Quiz is cliche isn't it? but it works somehow. And one thing, please, don't blame teachers for boring methodology, look at on the other side, the students are lazy [that is more Malays right?]. Why we keep blaming the teachers? that is what we call EXCUSES. And Malays love such excuses.  And I bet, she posted some of her teaching skills in the youtube too, and I think that is good! but definitely not lip singing aeee..

f. [0:20] Its her life

>>yeah.. Her life as a teacher as well :)

This is the longest that I've made so far I think haha. I am so sorry if I offended some of you about this issue, but hey, this is my opinion. You see there's a totally different paradigm between the two guys and one woman.

Again, I am so sorry! hehehehe

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bachelor of Medicine

Hahaha.. It is very awkward to start a blog once again. Seriously, after all these while, I just realized that I am the kind of person who are easily to get bored with something. Too frequent is not good for me, except for few things.. Sleep and.... internet... and... gossips. Hahaha.. Special thanks to a friend of mine, because reminded me that I have blog! Aha! By his sarcastic way, I just thought that I should write something. Just to show that I am a not-so-lazy person, even though I know that I am. Definitely! hahaha.. But hey, who cares?? Do you?? No, right? Even though there are those who cares, ermmm.. I don't mind.. Hahaha

Soooooo... Bachelor of Medicine eh?? As a Moslim, The first thing that we should do is to be grateful, so, Alhamdulillah. That is the key of being a Moslim. Be grateful of what He gives to you. I passed my Objective Structured Clinical Examination [I re-sit the exam though! hahaha] And I am officially graduate and now I am Noraiman bin Roslim, B. Med. Not yet a doctor, because I will undergo 2 years of internship in Indonesia and in Malaysia with the same duration. Happy? Hell yeah! B. Med okeh!!! Not just a mere degree.. 

Above all, I would like to thank to those who keep supporting me and pray for me, as well as my friends. Without the du'a that you gave we won't be able to have this degree. Now, I am stuck in my parents room, 3.10 a.m [they prefer to sleep at the living room which I don't know why] writing a stupid blog, with no readers and mundane life waiting for my convocation on April 16th. 

Did I say my blog is stupid? Dear blog, I really don't mean to say that you are stupid, but my parents thought me to be honest.. And honest is what I do. That "honest" thing has been pass through my family generation for quite a very long time. And I am so afraid to brake the chain. I am sorry, I hope you understand. You are as stupid as your blogger. So hereby, I would like to beg you to apologize him and his stupidity. Can't help it.

I did mention that I don't have readers did I? Hurm.. dear friends and especially FOEs, please and please... Do read this [I wonder whether people read this because for the first 4 paragraph, everything is unfavorable, I think, they close the window before reading this paragraph! haha] You are the only personS that can help me! at least one reader, I'll be so happy! haha

And mundane? Kill me!

That's all I think.. hahahahaha

Happy holiday guys!

p/s : I am a bit confused with the word. In Indonesia we call it "wisuda" means graduation, but according to this "wisuda" is actually a convocation and our "yudisium" means judicium is actuallt graduation.. FENING!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ASFSD : From Jakarta with love

Yeah, I don't know how to say, but lately, I somehow find somebody that I believe could make me happy. I have strong feelings? I wasn't sure, it is not that I doubt it but I think it is me, Aiman, who's afraid of the future. What will the future be? Is it just for a while, or even few seconds of happiness? Or we can sustain it until we believe that, this is the time to let it go?  We are in the same shoe when it comes to this. But I don't think that it is the problem now. The only thing that matters right now is, do we share the same feeling? The eagerness of this relationship? Or we're just fooling around like a 15 year-old kid's love? I know where I stand. I am not that young, in fact, I am too old to play such tricks. When I agreed to have commitment, it means that I am deciding it with my brain and heart. I dived into the deepest of my heart, and walk to the furthest of my brain, so that I have a fair judgment emotionally and rationally. But I don't know what's happening right now. I don't even get a clue, and somehow, it hurts a little bit, when you left me unsaid. I thought we've agreed that everything that happen is based on honesty. I do mind if the truth hurts, but I rather feels hurt by truth than keep it silent, like what you do right now. I try to think as positive as I can be that you aren't leaving, but it keep coming back, for that is the thing that I am afraid THE MOST!  - Tobe left behind! I am fragile when it comes to this feeling and yet I am strong when I know the truth. But in the end, it is not me who give the decision. It is you. I am not just playing games, I am serious. As for now, I am still stick to where I stand and say I LOVE YOU.



Sunday, 19 December 2010

English is Crazy

I came across this poem and I find it so interesting!! Enjoy!!

Let's face it, English does not always make sense.
There is no egg in the eggplant nor ham in a hamburger.
And neither pine nor apple is in a pineapple.
English muffins were not invented in England.
And French fries were not invented in France.

We sometimes take English for granted.
But if we examine its paradoxes
we find that Quicksand takes you down slowly,
Boxing rings are square,
And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

If writers write, how come fingers don't fing?
If the plural of tooth is teeth,
Shouldn't the plural of phone booth be phone beeth?
If the teacher taught, Why didn't the preacher praught?

If a vegetarian eats vegetables,
What the heck does a humanitarian eat?
Why do people recite at a play, yet play at a recital?
Park on driveways and Drive on parkways?
How can the weather be as hot as hell on one day And as cold as hell on another?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language
where a house can burn up as It burns down
And in which you fill in a form, By filling it out
We have noses that run and feet that smell
And how can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same,
While a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

English was invented by people, not computers.
And it reflects the creativity of the human race.
(Which of course isn't a race at all)

That is why, When the stars are out, they are visible
But when the lights are out, they are invisible
And it's why when I wind up my watch, It starts.
But when I wind up this poem, It ends.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Aku exam just now at 9 p.m and sangatlah teruk... sangat kecewa dengan diri sendiri.. Can I be a good doctor??