Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bachelor of Medicine

Hahaha.. It is very awkward to start a blog once again. Seriously, after all these while, I just realized that I am the kind of person who are easily to get bored with something. Too frequent is not good for me, except for few things.. Sleep and.... internet... and... gossips. Hahaha.. Special thanks to a friend of mine, because reminded me that I have blog! Aha! By his sarcastic way, I just thought that I should write something. Just to show that I am a not-so-lazy person, even though I know that I am. Definitely! hahaha.. But hey, who cares?? Do you?? No, right? Even though there are those who cares, ermmm.. I don't mind.. Hahaha

Soooooo... Bachelor of Medicine eh?? As a Moslim, The first thing that we should do is to be grateful, so, Alhamdulillah. That is the key of being a Moslim. Be grateful of what He gives to you. I passed my Objective Structured Clinical Examination [I re-sit the exam though! hahaha] And I am officially graduate and now I am Noraiman bin Roslim, B. Med. Not yet a doctor, because I will undergo 2 years of internship in Indonesia and in Malaysia with the same duration. Happy? Hell yeah! B. Med okeh!!! Not just a mere degree.. 

Above all, I would like to thank to those who keep supporting me and pray for me, as well as my friends. Without the du'a that you gave we won't be able to have this degree. Now, I am stuck in my parents room, 3.10 a.m [they prefer to sleep at the living room which I don't know why] writing a stupid blog, with no readers and mundane life waiting for my convocation on April 16th. 

Did I say my blog is stupid? Dear blog, I really don't mean to say that you are stupid, but my parents thought me to be honest.. And honest is what I do. That "honest" thing has been pass through my family generation for quite a very long time. And I am so afraid to brake the chain. I am sorry, I hope you understand. You are as stupid as your blogger. So hereby, I would like to beg you to apologize him and his stupidity. Can't help it.

I did mention that I don't have readers did I? Hurm.. dear friends and especially FOEs, please and please... Do read this [I wonder whether people read this because for the first 4 paragraph, everything is unfavorable, I think, they close the window before reading this paragraph! haha] You are the only personS that can help me! at least one reader, I'll be so happy! haha

And mundane? Kill me!

That's all I think.. hahahahaha

Happy holiday guys!

p/s : I am a bit confused with the word. In Indonesia we call it "wisuda" means graduation, but according to this "wisuda" is actually a convocation and our "yudisium" means judicium is actuallt graduation.. FENING!


iPai said...

hey .. I finished it ok ..

nadeeasyariani said...

holla "stupid" blogger with his "stupid" blog! i enjoyed your sounds soooo stupid that i really enjoyed it..its F-U-N!