Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Only 4 days left (excluding today) my friends and I will be sitting for an Oral Case Analysis Examination.. My heart pumps faster than usual.. few seconds later that a Ferrari.. 10 diseases need to be master without any mistake.. to pass the exam, I need to score 80 points out of 100.. Isn't that great.. Not just that, from what I heard, there's a quota of passing the exam.. is it true? let the uncertain buried by the uneasiness of the examination itself. Screw me! Out of 10, I only master NOTHING... Nearly one - psychiatry.. The rest, I can say that I nearly understand but I haven't remembered it yet.. I doubt myself to finish all 10 within 4 days.. nearly impossible..(therefore no one can say "nothing is impossible" to me.. hehe)

The best part about this exam is that, it allows me to forget my home sweet home for a while.. Yes.. It is true somehow... Not because I am busy with my study but, maybe I am busy of thinking about the exam.. that's all.. because, my study.. I believe that, I am not putting my best effort yet.. yeah, I can still Facebook-ing, and surfing other nonsense.. but above all I hope everything is okay... Me and my housemates especially and mu batch-mates generally ;)

best of uck Aiman