Tuesday, 23 March 2010


My day today is as fun as usual- I my consider to consult my psychiatry lecturer when I said that. I mean, is there is any kind of fun when you are staying here unwillingly? But I should be grateful for Allah gives me the another opportunity to further my study abroad [Alhamdulillah], after I messed it up during my S.P.M. I had a really terrible cough yesterday and drags until now, at this very moment! I can barely sleep with the coughing singing through my vacuum-ear. My ears are like vacuum, which absorb every single noise around me like the electronic vacuum that suck every single dust! So I decided to go to buy antitussive so that they could advice my rebellious throat to stop coughing.

Fortunately! The syrup comforts me very well, I had a really nice sleep until I missed my class at 8 a.m. There are two things that make me feel so fortunate this morning, one, I had a really good sleep and two, I woke up late! Haha.. Then i went to group discussion which is I never consider it as a group discussion. A discussion is suppose to be informative, however my group discussion is not. A discussion should have a really good leader which we don't have a good one today. Me? I am too good for them and I give them chance to make themselves shine. But they are so pathetic when it comes to leadership. So, in a nut shell my discussion today was sucks! Also, the antitussive syrup did a really amazing job pampering my eyes. I felt sleepy again and again.

After that, I went back home to take a nap, before the next class started after the lunch hour. My class was quite okay, it's just we had a hard time differentiating some of the terms- because Indonesia Language never runs in our Malaysian blood, therefore there are few terms that hardly understand.

At night, nothing much... Playing games only.. I think my brain is stuck in a traffic jam so I can't share many things with you guys. This is what happen when you think too much [Am I? haha] so your brain will get stuck somewhere you can't find it. ;)

Good night!