Sunday, 21 March 2010


My happiest moment of my life has been stolen by the alien of the night. I can't sleep! I wonder why I can't sleep, because as far as I am concerned I am so damn gifted when it comes to sleep. I tried so many things to make me fall asleep- after doing all the thing that I've listed in my brain, but its futile. The best option that I have to make me fall asleep is to read my lecture notes, but still, my eyes didn't close. Not at all!! I read a chapter of a novel that I bought, I went online and forcing my eyes to stay close, and yet, wide awake! I reckon my housemate jinx me for the lost of his football team today!


Actually, I don't know what to say, I don't even know what I'm writing and why... Its my fingers doing all the job without asking the permission from its master. Even my eyes disobey all my instructions today. As if I'm a puppet controlled by something... The worst part of this ultimate phenomenon is that I need to stay awake for the whole day! I have classes until 3 p.m. Owh my god!! I'm a DEAD MEAT!!!!! How can I stay awake? I am a very caring and loving master! My eyes need a rest, and my brain need to be nurtured with sleep! This tragedy is an impeccable one to ruin my whole day! Hope everything is going well today...