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Malaysian Education :Abolishing UPSR and PMR

It is a little late to discuss about this matter for I am busy doing other things for sure... I am not sure what is the main agenda of proposing this, but I am sure the government (the Deputy Prime Minister to be more specific) has scrutinize this matter inside and outside before he propose it to the members of the parliament. 

As in this world, it is full of uncertainties.. Which means, even a single matter in that happened to be in this world, it will have its own pros and cons. And I believe, this issue shares the same underlying basic, which, it has its own pros and cons. To my personal opinion, I would say that I am kind of disagree with the suggestion. And I am going to share my respond from this article : Annual Assessments and School Test Option

Before I go further, I would like to remind, this English-based post, is just a trial for me to write in English considering that I am very certain that my English has been drown in an unknown lake which it makes it even worse than worse.. So, you will find millions of spelling and grammar mistakes, and I am sorry.

Starts with  "the current system was too exam-oriented"

This thing has been an issues since ages ago, everybody going to blame the education system especially when they want to decide either they want to go to boarding school or not.. because they believed schools nowadays are "too exam-oriented".. Basically, I have a question in my mind which I hardly find the answer : "what is wrong of being exam-oriented students?" However, I would like to respond to this matter simultaneously with this:

"He suggested that school-based assessments be conducted in place of the public examinations."

So, this is what I understand form the first two paragraphs of this article, the government suggest that UPSR and PMR are abolished and they change it to school-based exam. I don't think there is a problem of changing the modus operandi from PMR or UPSR to school-based exam, but what is the different between those two entities? Students are still going to sit for exams by any chance.. In fact, this school-based exam is still under the surveillance of Malaysian Examination Syndicate (MES)which the questions are set by them, therefore, I don't think it could make any "big" change towards the education system.. The students are still being "oriented by exam". I am an exam-oriented students, and the fact that being a student as such does not limit me to join any extra curricular activities. In fact, I believed, my school is too exam oriented, we focus too much in our academic to sustain our academic performance. But I don't think it is a hindrance for us to join and be active in extra co-curricular activities. This is a respond to

"It would enhance creativity and innovation, apart from encouraging active involvement of students in sports and co-curricular activities."

To me, being exam oriented doesn't have any significant correlation with extra co-curricular activities. My theory is that, they think that because the students are too focus with their study so they don't have time to get active in such activities. Yeah, it is correct, if you think that our students are very keen to books and notes! It's an excused made by them so that least homework are given! Oh trust me, I had been in their shoes before. I am well to understand such feeling with such excuses. The fact is, when they have ample time at home, the also have more time, to surf the internet, mingle with their friends and or in another word more time to waste their time.. And that is absolutely true! I am experts in making such excuses... We do! even though I am one of them (making excuses, hoping that there are no homework at all and etc) but still, I know that this is a teenage drama.. I admit it.. So actually, being active in extra co-curricular activity does not affected by the exam-oriented system.

“It avoids rote learning which does not emphasise independent thinking,”

I am kind of shocked when I read this... Most of the reasons are in theories and not practical. Extra co-curricular activities, independent thinking, creativity and innovation? I think the government should point out a stronger arguments for this issue.. There is a vast different between theory and reality. I believed, I had written this when I sat for MUET. The cons of exam-oriented. It is true, at that time I agreed that the government should ban exam-oriented system but I did that is for the sake of passing my exam. That's all, why? because our citizens' mind have been programmed to such reasons... EXAM ORIENTED IS NEGATIVE.  Ok, continue, there is no way, of being an exam-oriented students hinders you to be creative, innovative, or independent thinking.  Because I think, the method of the government is trying to propose is merely the same with the previous one, both systems, students need to sit for exam, and I am definitely sure that each school aims for flying colors. So, how does the latter could "allow" the students to be "more" creative and innovative and most importantly to have an independent thinking? And how they define creativity? creating a mural? or nowadays, a graffiti maybe? Innovative? does our system now does not offer such innovation? Too many things are remain unclear in this issue. Therefore I would like to suggest the government, to sit and look again, on this matter.

"Muhyiddin said studies by the Education Ministry showed there were too many public examinations locally as opposed to just one in other countries."

I think, that is the problem in our country where we tend to compare with other country "too much" I think it is very unique if we have more public examinations. Other countries might have one, but the question here, is not how few we have but how does these public exams is being implemented and does the implementation achieve its goal. It is our mentality, Malaysians mentality, everything that other country does is true.. That is why I believe, our late prime minister, Tun is so unique, the idea of "Dasar Pandang Ke Timur",  try not to look at it just on its surface, implement its gist.. Is that, not every single thing that the western does is correct and true. Some of the countries are well developed and their systems are different. Can we guarantee that when Malaysia has only one public exam the students are better comparatively?

Ok, let me conclude (not a conclusion, not yet but I am concluding above issue) there is a different between a developing country and a developed country. And now, in Malaysia, we need to consider the "demanding prospect". Demanding Prospect here means that, what do we lack of and what do we need. Most of these demanding prospects requires a very strong fundamental in academics. Example, teachers, doctors, pharmacists, engineer and many more. Therefore, in order to have a very strong fundamental in academic I think exam-oriented system fixed the bill.. And I think there is no way it could limit students' independent skill. The government's expectation to the teenagers are "too" high. I am not being pessimist, but I think being too optimist isn't good as well. Try this, go to Kuala Lumpur on weekdays, Bangsar, Shah Alam, or Klang maybe, look what our fellow friends do after schools hours. I am upset with such situation. Especially the Malays. It is hard to admit but I think that is the fact. We have a lot of students with full of aspiration and bla bla bla.. but! We also have a lot of "unlucky students", WHICH, the effect that latter caused is more than the previous one. See what I mean? Its getting too far from the topic isn't it? not really, Its simple, the government thinks that EO limits students capabilities, because they believe that our teenager are good, but actually they are just too good to be true. So to enhance students' capability, EO is not the one that they need to discuss, but the students themselves. In fact, by EO itself, it has produced many talented Malaysians. It is not upon the system but most importantly the students.

Finally, I would like to give you an example :

I read one blog discussing about this thing. He said that it is somehow irrelevant to determine students' capability by using our present education system. As for HIM, he wasn't a good student previously, He does not have flying colors and etc. But at the end of the day, he manage to succeed. He took a diploma and then further his study dor a degree and so on. Therefore EO actually is not the best sollution (he is agreeing to the government's action)
Well, here are my point of view :
1. How many Malaysians have a WILL as such? aware with their future like this guy? (Optimist or pessimist doesn't count, the reality does)
I am so glad that Malaysians have such will, but I really hope that more Malaysians do.. We have been in the comfort zone too long, which makes us forget, that the future doesn't promise anything but uncertainties.

I am not banning the government action, but I think, they should scrutinize this matter more before they make any decision. List more strong reasons than just pointing out an essay theory reason..

There are few things that I haven't discussed yet 
1. Human resource
2. Tamil and chinese teachers
3.burden of handling exam..

Sorry for my English....



aszyanuar said...

don't woory too much dude.your english is not as bad as u's ok.

aszyanuar said...

don't woory too much dude.your english is not as bad as u's ok.

Nina said...

I believe everything must be in moderation. Too much of anything is never a good thing