Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Most of the times I think that I am so lazy blogging. Maybe my interest of writing blog faded away or eaten by some kind of ghost in another dimension of live! (exaggerate!) However, as I mentioned earlier, this blog (the second time after I've deleted once before)  is basically to share all my points of view on something and, as well, to sustain my English proficiency which I believe have became worse after bad.

I think there is no interesting things happen here, in Jakarta recently which makes me wanna share my pieces of mind to you. The best and recent memoirs that I have is when I was in Malaysia. I went to Putrajaya to open a booth selling Kebaya and  Kurong... The best part of the occasion, is I learn how to sell things, there are a lot of techniques thought by my sister in law. It is among the best experience that I have, and this event gave me the opportunity as such. It was my first time doing business like this! hehehe. It's tiring but I think its worth of doing

The cons, yeah, for sure, it was my first time, still green, didn't even get profits, but at least I earned a sum of money. But to be honest, it's quite disappointing you know, with all the hopes and supports given by your family members and friends but you didn't do it well.... The worse part is when they keep supporting you until now! "Tortured" by the supports. It might be insignificant to others but to me it means a lot.I learned to value my family and friends more than I did before. Maybe I can't show them how, but at least I know how much I value them!

Basically, there are a lot of things I have in my mind to share, its just that I don't have the guts to write. blame my lazy tiny little fingers and my ass as well for being lazy to sit on the chair for a longer time. hahahaha