Thursday, 3 June 2010

The F word not the F bomb!

I chatted with my friend recently. A medical student in India. It has been months since our last chat. This time its kind of different, because not only we chat about studies and nonsense but also about "love" hahaha... I love it when it comes to "LOVE discussion session" It was like the epinephrine suddenly was produce tremendously by the gland! Concentrate and focus! haha... The gist of the conversation, I prefer to remain it to be unknown.. hahaha... But actually that is not what I'm gonna talk about. Its about friendship actually. We know each other only for a week during BTN, before we flew to our respected country of disaster ;p It is only a week and then we haven't seen each other for almost three years! But the friendship is still there.. It makes us wonder why?! I think I figure it out easily though... I am somehow, expert at reasoning ;)

p/s : sorry for the grammar or words or anything lah!! Otak dah berkarat total! ;p


First of all, I apt to differentiate between those who I know and friends, hard to understand isn't it.. maybe lack of vocabulary leads to this issue... In another words : Siapakah kawan, dan siapakah kenalan.. Clear? hehe

These two terms share the same quality which time never involve in this matter. For example, doesn't mean that you know someone for  years makes him/her to be your best friend, or even your friend. Maybe he/she is just a person that you know, full stop. And, doesn't mean that you know a person for a week or two can't be your friend. To me friends is more than just knowing a person. It is easy to say, "A real friend is not one who only entertain you, but one who cares about you, one who will be there when you cry" Easy right? Not really... Its damn hard you know. Not just that, I think the worst part of becoming a friend is that you are willing to say its wrong when you know it hurts... That is what a friend does, because they care... But at the end of the day it you who determine it..

It's going to be a  very long post if I talk about this with my own point of view. It'll be longer if it is in Malay.. With all the nice words hahaha...

the question is : do we have what it takes to be a friend?

Friendship is like a gift. A simple analogy, You bought a house.. An empty house, and then somebody came and give you a present for the new house, a frame maybe.. Its beautiful, eye-captivated. But it is upon you where to put it, it's either you want to put in your living room so that everybody can see it, or to keep it private in your room so that you are the only one who can admire the art given! Or, at the kitchen where it is exposed to all the dirt, or even put it in the store and kept it covered in dust. As the last resort, you might consider to throw it away! That is how friendship work, as a person, you may give them the "friendship". Its beautiful, but it is upon him/her, where to put you in his/her heart. It's their choice and not yours. Believe it or not, that is the fact.. That is why I, as I mentioned earlier, friendship isn't about how long you know them but most importantly HOW YOU VALUE THEM-FRIEND.  

And even if they put you at the kitchen or even inside the store, my advice, don't be sad. If they don't want to appreciate you like you appreciate them, many people will do. Also, if you are sincere to have such friendship, you wouldn't mind even if the throw you away. You've done the right thing. Ok!

May Allah bless you :)



L.G said...

yes aiman....i like this...karang la ala2 bunga sakura plak...nk jgk bca versi tu...hehe..neway,thanx yea...i'm to hve u as my fren...wa,bgga ak ade org tulis blog pasl ak!hahha..prasan plak kan minah ni