Friday, 25 March 2011

Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia

It is very ironic for a non-straight A's student talk about achievements.. But I think, based on my observation after 6 years leaving my high school, I am able to give good justification about it.

So basically, when we are talking about SPM there are two main groups that will become the center of the intention which are, pre-SPM students [the 5th formers] and post-SPM students [those who just received their result for the past 2 days]

1. Form five students

SPM is not just a mere national examination that you need to take, instead, it is a-must-excel-examination. So, believe me, you need to take it seriously for this is the starting point of your future! When I say future it means your career and your life onwards. Finance, and dreams! Promising future it is.  Good result offers you uncountable courses, anything that you want to [quota is excluded] Just name it, medicine, pharmacy, actuarial science, TESL, business, law? Almost anything! You can choose anything that you want. But choose wisely. Your decision determines your life ahead. Contrarily, you are forced only to study the course that has been offered by local universities [if you get the offer] whether you want it or not. Its by hook or by crook! The only solution that you have is to accept it if flying colors aren't in our hand. 

Nowadays, students are haunted by the idea of interest by all the motivators [which I think it is so ridiculous to motivate people that way]. This is what I used to hear "Ambil kos yang kita MINAT, sebab kalau tak minat susah nanti" One word : [C.O.N.T.E.M.P.T.I.B.L.E] It is true but it is also too good to be true.  However, because students are "motivated" by that idea, so I think I just pretend to agree with it for a while.  Just imagine, without good results, I bet you can't further your study to your interest accordingly.  Or you may, but you need to go to private universities, which you can only do that if your parents have triple-extra money in their pockets! So you don't have to bother about it. But what if they don't? Will you be able to further your study in the course that you favor the most? 

Be realistic. We live in real life! Students have became more intelligent day by day, year by year.. Just look at the results. Tons of students obtain straight A's.. So if you don't excel, believe me, HOT SEATS are NOT AVAILABLE for you. that's the fact! And the fact that you must know. So, my suggestion, study hard! Do not get hallucinated by the idea of study smart that much! Smart is subjective! They can't even explain the meaning of study smart very well. Or if you choose to believe it, so PLEASE study smart and hard! There's no such thing like smartworking but hardworking? there is..

2. Post-SPM students

Congratulations for the high-fliers! you deserved it! With all the hard work and prayer! Remember! Your parents and teachers are the pillars of your achievement! so DON'T EVER FORGET THEM!

And for those who didn't get good results, I know it is hard... If you read about the pre-SPM students, don't be sad. That is my way to motivate them. Like I said, be realistic and when you be realistic, everything is real. 
Let see... If you look at a cube, with your bare and naked eyes, you'll see three dimensional cube. So, real means, it is not one dimension. Things that exist in this world is not one sided. but two, three and maybe more, just like cube. There are about choices and options. I didn't get straight A's. I am the worst in my class. So I think I had been a close friend with failure for quite sometimes. But hey! Doesn't mean that your future is dark! Remember! Every cloud has its silver lining! And god is not cruel. He never does! 

Maybe the "so-called motivational talk" about interest doesn't work anymore [that's why I don't like it, because its selective!] I rather believe, when there's a will, there's a way! Believe me, interest can be develop! It is human to put barrier in front of it. That is why I hate the former motivation, because that is the barrier that hinders student to succeed. And in Malaysia, especially the Malays, due to such words, we choose to decide our future so lightly! I don't say all the Malays are like that, but, undeniable that many Malays are! Because of interest, students choose to learn fashion design than accountancy, modeling than physics. Why, because we have been living in an easy life since! Accountancy is difficult, and physics too! So, difficult things aren't our cups of tea since before. I am not try to generalized the Malays, but there are a lot of them think like that! Why? Because the idea of without interest it is hard to succeed! 

I don't mean to offend my race, because hey! I am a Malay! And I am proud to be a Malay! The reason why I say that is only one, to open your eyes! Face the reality! We're no longer in the comfort zone! not anymore!

Okay, back to business, SPM is everything for pre-SPM but not to you guys [post SPM students] There's always hope. As long as we work hard, we can get what we want! We might not get what we have dreamed before, but we can make a new dream right? You can't be a doctor, but you can be an engineer instead? The only key is to do your best! Let the unfavorable result as a lesson! A lesson to be remembered that you will not repeat again! And look at the positive side of it, god loves you! He knows that you are strong enough to face the challenge! He knows that you'll raise up to the challenge! He knows everything about you. If you do not fall today, you might fall in the future, and that time, you might fall hard! He wants you know how does it feel when you didn't get want you want, so in the future when you achieve something, you'll be even more grateful than others. See?? Believe in Him. He always knows the reason. 

So, don't just sit, SPM is not the only path. Do not compare to others, starts from the bottom again. You don't loose anything. I have seen many of those, who aren't choosy and they succeed. Follow their steps! Its you life, you paint it yourself.

Good luck!


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