Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Somebody asked, why I am acting so cold to him (refers to an XY chromosome for sure), huh! I wonder why people think that way, my best suggestion to“WHOM THIS THING MAY CONCERN” is simple, try to have a looked at yourself dude! I am so damn pissed off! As for the record, I believe I have tried to be nice to you, but did you ever appreciate that? Or you just taking it for granted? This might be a friendship that is not a friendship, because a friendship should be nice and easy, but you make me to do it otherwise. Example? Simple, when I asked you nicely, you responded like a shit of a white bull! Most of the time I guess... and then, making such wonderful excuses that you actually don’t know how to respond. Ok,

No. 1: maybe I am younger than you but I am not pathetic (if you think I am) to digest every single word that you said. Have you ever tried to understand people? Let me give you the answer... NO! You haven’t. Not at all! You just want people to care about you but you didn’t ever try to do it in returned! in another word SELFISH! Then, begged for people sympathy for that. Asking why people treated you that way. (I bet you will do the same if you read this respond. What did you do wrong that makes me write respond as such?) Simple, think back. Just think, if you did admit this is your fault, don’t just stop right there, because only by admitting, isn’t the end. Change.


P/S : I am not a good person, or a nice guy.. But I think, for at least.. I tried to be one.. especially to my friends