Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It's been a while since my last post. I am not lazy! Me, myself is a hardworking person! (Oh..My..God!! Seriously??) It's my fingers! And my brain of course! They are so lazy to write something or to produce something that we call I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T.I.N.G.I.D.E.A.S (as if there is interesting entry that I ever wrote!) haha... It's fine though.. I prefer to give myself credits rather than others giving it.. Or else, I'll be blushed!! Haha.. Positive thinking they said! It keeps you alive and alive! Like me for instant! haha.. Even though I am by nature skinny or less fat (it sounds better than skinny.. hehe) or Aneroxia to some people, but I am still alive! And the worse part is that, I am so healthy where I can tease people every single day! Positive thinking keeps me breathing.. Haha.. Stupid! McD helps the most I think! Ok enough with the nonsense ;)

Today is Mother's Day. Have you called your mom? I have! Just now! Hahaha.. Kind of late isn't it? Well, that's why there is a saying, better late than never :) Keep that in mind.. Mom, wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of your dreams will be fulfill except for me being a decent, pious, and hardworking child because I really doubt it if I ever can do that! hahaha

I have written an entry about my mother last month or last two months entitle The Aged-Women. As for today, I just wanna share a little bit more about her..


She is just a normal woman living in a normal life. Unlike some other people, she doesn't fancy with fashion. Even if she does, she keeps it as a secret..But I am certain the former is the best answer :) She works so hard to raise her 3 children (I bet every mom is like that, except those who throw their babies away, because they are so b*b*.. upssss!). The worst part is when she need to raise me! Nasty, naughty and problematic child! Wow! Am I that bad? haha Well, I might lie though..hehe.. But you also might regret if you don't believe it!  haha.. Sometimes I don't like when she used to tell me off! Also, when she didn't buy things that I want! I think she never try to understand me! Not at all! She never try to know me.. What she does is she blamed me when I made mistakes.. When I try to make her happy sometimes she refused it! Blaming me all the times as if I haven't had done something good in life! It makes me feel sad! It hurts me badly... What are my mistakes? Am I doing something wrong??


It is the thing that we called it e.g.o you idiot! She never blames you.  But she wanna teach you! She didn't buy you things that you want doesn't mean that she doesn't wanna but it for you! She'd really wanted to, but sometime there is some financial problem that hinders her to buy for you one.. She couldn't tell you that, you moron! You are too mature to understand it! To ensure that you will become a wholesome person, she needs to do like that. She have to. So that you understand every good and every bad that this world offers to you. She never refuse your effort to make her happy but maybe she was so tired at that time. Oh come on! she is a human as well! It is your ego makes you think everything that she does is bad! Look at you! You are a doctor to be! Have you ever think, what will happen if she didn't do things like that? Will you be what you are right now? Will you! 


Yeah, the story is true. That is what I feel previously... When I was a child. A mere child who never think about others. Selfish and etc. But now, I know every single thing that she does is not for her, but for her children :) I am so proud of having her as my mom! God has granted me the best thing in the world! My mom and (not to forget) dad!

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Tak macam kanak-kanak riang la pulak kan...haish