Friday, 28 May 2010

CROCS second phase

It is less than an hour after I posted my point of view about "Crocs" yesterday. I am not going to discuss it further [I mean about the irrational thoughts of the logo contains the name of Allah or even my name ;p] The only thing that makes me worry is the fact that within one day the "group" has became very hectic with people arguing here and there. I am kind of confused what is the exact purpose of them having such group? Are they really wanna ban Crocs? or to promote fights? It's pathetic..  looking at these "seniors" and "juniors" quarreling. Hello! It's just Crocs! There are many other huge things that you need to take care of! People in Gaza for instance.. We keep fighting about Crocs, which I believe full of uncertainties while our friends out there are crying begging for our help! [that is certain!]  As I said before, I don't mind if you guys wanna ban Crocs or not, it is up to you. As long as you have your own reason for that, so do it what you want. Pathetic.....

I wonder why this post is very short.. hahahahahhaha