Thursday, 13 May 2010

Today is Thursday

My schedule for today :

1. Tenabang

I woke up at 8.30 a.m (WOW! what an achievement! haha) and preparing myself to go to Tenabang to buy some "valuable" things and everything settled... However,  there are few things that I have in mind at that time and right now. One, why all these jerks are trying to speak in Malay even though they know that they are totally sucks at it! It's a disgrace for a Malaysian to hear and listen to your stupid, awkward and unfavorable pronunciation! Seriously! I am totally sick of hearing things as such! It was like pigs speaking in cats'... Arghhh!!! Stress out! If you can't, then just don't! You're just pretending like you know! Oh please! It's pathetic! "Nak beli apeee?" Untuk pengetahuan anda, Bahasa Melayu ni indah dan lembut.. bukan keras kejang yang semua benda nak kene tekan!! Arghh... Kalau la semua orang korang macam ni, mahu aku bunuh diri! Okay... Two, I wonder, why, if there are three different shops selling the same exact materials but the price is way different among each other... I mean, if it is in Rupiah, 50,000Rp is considered expensive.. got it? Does corruption explains? I don't mean there is a corruption but maybe they share some similar qualities.. Do they? I wonder..

2. Two things settled

I have sent my huge and heavy luggage to my friend, who will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow, which will be taken by my beloved parents! I feel guilty to my parents actually... I dragged them into my personal problems, which happens to be my current passion right now... tak dapat jadi GOLD DIGGER, tapi still MATA DUITAN jugak.. So this is the only way... Pity them... Bad me! Aiman you've been a very bad bad boy! [ada gaya macam Beyonce cakap kat Gaga x? hahaha].. Above all, mission accomplished... Secondly, I went to my girlfriend's house to take my Milo, Horlicks, and Vico! Yeay!!!!!!!! Happiest moment! Well kalau dah DOYAN [cari la dalam kamus Indo ek] macam ni lah jadinya.. Sorry, I'm not selling, and I'm too generous to give it away or share! Hahaha..

3. Adamaya

I wonder why Malaysian are so keen to watch this Drama Series.. Until, my friends [in Jakarta, India, Egypt] watching it all the time... My friend asked me to watch it... So, currently, I am watching this thing.. We'll see then :)



muniri edogawa said...

aku pu menyampah gila kalau orang sini ikut ckp bm.dosen aku pun sama.tetibaksi lec dpn pastu tetibe ckp bm.buruk gile dan buang tebiat gile.pastu ade gak waktu tutorial tetiba bincag kes pergi sebut pasal manohara.eei panas aku