Monday, 18 October 2010

Bandoeng Games Rock!

Hahahahahaha... it has been two weeks after Bandung Games, and I only update about it... NOW!!  As a conclusion, I am a super-lazy-boy stuck in a very inconducive atmosphere and environment.. and not to forget the time constrain of becoming a-doctor-to-be-and-not-a-doc-wanna-be. So it takes me weeks to share...

Bandung as a whole, is ok for me... Allow me to say something before I show how happy I was when I was in Bandoeng..

1. Dinner : C. I am sorry to say, but I think the committee members should learn more to organize such a huge event like this.. [muniri will be so piss-off when she reads this.. hehe.. but then again, it depends on how you taking it.. if it is to improve your skills, I think, why you need to be pissed with such comment aite?] This is a huge event, VIP is a minister, so, you need to ensure everything is in a good co-ordination. Students' discipline and other... To me, it is not yet, up to the standard of a Bandung Games... First attempt is not an excuse because I believe Bandung has quite experienced holding this kind of events.

2. Masters of Ceremony : hurm... they need to learn more... Master of Ceremony is the MASTER of the ceremony... Protocols, formality, language and etc.. You need to master everything... I am not trying to say that I am good..I am not.. Not at all.. I have seen many talented MCs more that I do.. And in fact, I'm good in one occasion only.. Formal occasion. That's why I am kind of upset with the MCs performance that night.. Advice... try to learn more.. In fact, we should be grateful we have Mr. Rudy to guide us..

3. Saturday : A- except netball team.. 2 games in a row.. until 4 players from Jakarta injured...So if they use "this is the first time" excuse.. I accept it. Even though I pissed off a little bit.. But, its rational to use that excuse. so i was pissed just a little bit..

4. Closing ceremony : again C. Complaints?? there is a huge different  between Sports Day @ school and Bandung Games.. SHOULD BE.. ok... I was so late.. so these were the comments from those players that I heard.. Jkt, Srby, Malang, Yogja and few ore... (I think its true too!) Hey! look at the positive way... At least you can improve rather than being satisfied all the time :)

5. Overall, it is not about how you do but it's why... And even though there were things that I said above were "negative" but hey, objective achieved! We gather, we meet new friends.. It is more important than the dinner that I mentioned isn't it? Good job guys! I know its hard.. Honestly, I know how hard it is... So, I think, everything is ok :)

Partner in Crime

Jakarta vs Pekan Baru

Bandoeng!!!!! Syok Abizz!

Farewell Bandung!

Blood Donation! WOW!

Bowling... hahahhaha.. shhhh

Part time Model : MDD lol~

I too, an artist... It runs in my blood ok Yuna!


Fa Tyah said...
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dr.anonymous said...

hahaha... anemia la sgt... Hb 16 aritu... hak3.. padahal x makan pagi.. tidur x cukup.. hahhaha

fatyah said...

wau...gile 16? ish2x..mane dtg la tu..

sonnet™ said...

eyh..naseb aku cam lagi muke kau
letak shout box la..senang nak bertanya khabar
fesbuk xde ke? ;)