Tuesday, 5 October 2010


There are few things that I believe, I should proud to be a Malaysian, especially nowadays,

1. Rapid growth of the country itself. I mean, even though the world now, is struck by a global economic crisis, Malaysia once again, stand-up and managed to survive through this polemic. Malaysians are ground-breakers!

2. We have our unique way in solving either internal or foreign problems. The idea of diplomacy, is among the best solution to ensure that problems are solved. Not just an ordinary diplomacy, remember! Malaysia is well-known of its "sopan dan santun", "berbudi pekerti" etc. The combination of these qualities and "diplomacy" makes us shine in the eyes of the world.

3. Outstanding achievements. Years ago, some of us, banned the government (even some of the government servants as well) for their "stupidity" proposing the twin tower,  international circuit and etc.. Claiming these "stupid" ideas consumed a huge amount of money. But! at the end of the day, these brilliant ideas proposed by the government are the things that makes every single Malaysian proud! Read this (KLCC) and this (SIC) for more info.

What else? Oh yesterday, I googled something and to my surprise I found this thing! :

In contrary, there few things that I do feel upset with Malaysia. Actually not Malaysia but Malaysians.. And most of it is the attitude.

1. Proud to be Malaysian! : Many Malaysians are proud to be a part of this wonderful country! And so am I. But that is not just that. Proud-to-be-Malaysian is not only the way you are feeling proud but most importantly, your actions towards your country! What do you do? Hanging out with your best friends at the best mall that this country offers? Is that all? Wasting your time here and there? Sitting around and wait for the government's aid? Is it? Think about it. Show to everybody that you are REALLY proud to be a Malaysian.. Act now! or else, I guaranteed that your child in the future will mocked you before your face because of those thing. Think about it.

2. This is actually my "MAIN" point. read this. I mean, it is true that you want to have a better life.. So, do I. some of the foreign countries offers more and better opportunities to us. And it is undeniable that the wage is higher, comparatively. But what makes me feel sad, is that, these Malaysians, sometimes abandoning their own country as well.. You can google it and you might fine many articles or even videos about Malaysians in overseas complaining about their own country. And now, when Malaysia has grown better economically, they claim that Malaysia is THEIR beloved country. Oh! That's a very selfish of them! You throw away your country, and then, seconds after that you hug them back when they make you proud! Learn this quality please... That, you can feel proud.

3. Sorry to say, but I have a very firm stand of this patriotic issue.

Above all, proud to be Malaysian! :D