Monday, 4 October 2010

Justin Bieber

Oh Crap! now the world of entertainment are eagerly discussing about the newly cute and famous young artist, Justin Bieber is actually a 51 year-old man who's masquerading like a 16 year-old, Justin! Hahaha... It's all over the news! In fact, here, in Jakarta there's an hour tv program, specifically discussing about the issue! And now, the funniest part is that all the Bieber's fan are so confused with the situation (until some of them cried! haha)..

watch this if you wanna know further

And now, police are identifying the fact, either Justin is a really 16 year-old boy, or actually he is an old man, having a psychiatric disorder, or to be more specific its pedophile. You can read this to get more information about this psychiatric disorder. To me, the investigation is kind of absurd in some way... Yeah, LAPD are investigating all the clothes, or anything else that this so-called Bieber possess to identify whether he is a "true" Bieber or the "false" one...

Don't you think that these peoples are just making this things up?? I mean, just to show that LAPD is doing something.. I don't know actually but my opinion is that, why don't they just arrest the 51 year-old Bieber and then forced the 16 year-old Bieber to show up/reveal himself to the crowd? If he shows up, it means that the story of an old Bieber is just another story that people made it up.. And if he doesn't show up, mean that the Bieber that "everybody" likes is just an old pedophile! hahaha

is that easy?? And then, continue to find all the information needed and proofs as well.. Case closed ;p

p/s : I bet this "gigi rongak" boy is a better version of Justin Bieber! He is even more... NATURAL! and funnier! enjoy!