Monday, 18 October 2010

Department of Pediatric

It has been one week after I started my journey into pediatric department... Honestly, I love it, means that I do understand now, how and what its like to be a doctor.. or at least a pediatrician-to-be, which definitely so not me... We got the chance to do the history taking ourselves and as well as physical examination.. Isn't that exciting?!

But the problem is that, you need to have all the knowledge stuck in your very brain before you hit the road! I mean, after wasting 3 years of my life in Jakarta, knowing-nothing-at-all, it is so hard for me to do this kind of thing.. Don't blame me for that.. haha... Blame the environment for not being comfortable enough , which makes me so hard to read all the books. Or blame the weather instead! for its too hot until I choose to sleep all the time.. hehe.. and blame the laptop! the only reason I stuck in front of this sophisticated-awkward alien is because, Facebook, and Twitter.. lol~

I need to understand many things in limited of time! Worst part?? 

E X A M . I S . O N . F R I D A Y !
Oh please.... please be kind and pray for my success.. thank you :)

trust me! being a doctor is not as happy as this one... 
she got ADHD..  that's why she smiles a lot! hahaha