Thursday, 25 November 2010


I was triggered by a friend of mine via his article to write this kind of post again...I want to share something that happened recently in my life as a junior-doctor-to-be. Unlike for the past 3 years, I was stuck in lecture hall listening to every single details that I need to know to become a doctor. A ground breaking doctor I guess.. But, I think, I didn't learn much during those times... Now, I am in a 6 months session of pre-clinic (2 months to go) before I graduate and becoming the real so-called-junior-doctor. So, unlike in classes that I had before, students are devided into groups, 6-7 students each group, and to my surprise, I was the only guy in my group! until, my friend which happens to be my housemate joined my group.. Thanked god! My group mates? They are so cool! I mean, I am a choosy person, means that, it is hard for me to get along with somebody if I don't like them, even I tried so hard! Trust me! I tried it before, until I was able to gather mountains of hatred to that person while I was trying so hard to accept it the way it is. Its futile! But this group? I think it so cool! we can co-operate and tolerate so much!

Far left : Endah, Eki, Joan, Eka, MORON!

Ok, back to the business. to my surprised, some of them asked me to teach them English. I whispered deep inside, are you serious??haha you should reconsider that first before you want to learn from me! For, you'll find that I am no good in English too!! Some might say that, I am liar or even worse I'm showing off! Oh puhleeesee! I am not.. Seriously, I know myself better than you guys do, my teachers know me better than you guys too! I am still learning right now, proof? that is the reason why, I write things in English, because at least, my English is sustained. Also, I am still in the process of learning. I read this blog (my beloved teachers' blog!) and some others (English-based blogs) that I found pretty worthwhile. I have no time to read novels and I tend to get bored of reading novels! Lazy? Hell yeah! I wonder what pills you guys ate until you can read such thick materials, I can't even finish a book! hurm.. Or maybe I am too busy with other stuff so, I had no extra time to read novels. Hahaha... I opt the later for it sounds more Aiman.. is it? that's a true lie then!  But a good one ;) hahahahha

I tend to dragged myself away from the topic isn't it? hehe.. Yeah, they asked me to teach them. I am not being down to earth or humble or what so ever it is but, I think I am not the right person for you guys to learn English, but then again, I will try to help, as long as I can, and this is my first attempt to help. I hope by reading this, you guys could earn something.  Something that I hope beneficial even just a little. Okeh!! I think the essence of every language is through reading, so does English. You'll tend to get familiar with unfamiliar words and phrases, but I would like to suggest you try to write before you speak. There are those who can speak, but sorry to say, its pathetic when I heard them speaking, and me, I am a piece of that jigsaw puzzle too! hahaha.. silly me! Just write, don't bother to do mistakes, because once you read it again and again, you'll know your mistake and you'll learn from it.

I think that's all :)