Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Indonesia and Malaysia

Wow! It is a huge topic to discuss when it comes to this matters. But then again, I think, they are a few things that we need to know about it in general. I am not going to write a so-called-factual essay about it, but I write it base on my observation and my OWN judgment on some aspect.

Indonesia is a really huge country with times population compared to Malaysia, therefore to govern such a huge amount of citizens is even harder. Millions of ideas and points of view, tons of problems, and etc. When you are a Malaysian, came here as a tourist, trust me you won't learn as much as we- the students do. Things that you might learn are, shopping in Indonesia is so cheap, there are a lot of nice places to sip the air, and how gorgeous an Indonesian does. No offense but those are the only things that Malaysian tourists will learn when step their foot here. Not to be skeptical, even though I know that, there are those who will learn more that just that, but to your own surprise, you will find only few of them. And I think, I know some of the "fews" 

It is undeniable, compared to Indonesia, we - Malaysia has left them few ranks ahead in terms of economy. Try to read this so that you know what I mean. We left Indonesia 50 steps behind us in either IMF and World Bank ranking for per capita. 

My fellow Indonesians, I hope you'll read till the end before you get pissed-off with me. And for Malaysians, don;t get too excited with such achievements! You see, due to this facts, given by the world, Malaysians used to think that every single part of Indonesia is cheaper, comparatively. Even those who stay in Indonesia, working here said so. Especially the government servants who was sent here. Is it true? Not really..Open your eyes wide Malaysians! Read more! Don't just make your judgment base on the one that you watch on TV a.k.a dramas.. Read here and here to reveal the truth that you never know. Even McDonalds is more expensive in Jakarta. So try not to be so narrow minded with you little information that you gain through gossips and tv, said that Indonesia is cheap! Ok, somehow, I was dragged by my emotion (wow, emotions can drag me away! what a surprise!) because everybody said living in Indonesia is not as expensive as in Malaysia. And no body (especially those who work here try to say that its wrong!) You need to understand, there is a huge different between you visit Indonesia for  a week, buying nice clothes and antiques to staying here for years with limited income but high expanses. Take note and bare in mind. So try to dig deeper, our brain isn't that shallow to digest information.

However, there is a  good thing of having such condition in Indonesia. The way I look at it, Indonesians have the guts to stand and support their country. In another  word, patriotism. They have that. And they embraced it, the let, every Indonesian being to have such precious pieces of feeling buried into the heart of all Indonesian. Wow! exaggerate isn't it? nope. to me, its true. Almost true.I hate to admit it but then again it is so true. How proud they are of becoming an Indonesian. As for Malaysia... Hahaha.. the only thing I can say, is that Malaysians nowadays have forgotten the essence of appreciating their own country. How do I know. Easy, I wore that shoe before I came here, Jakarta. We say, we are proud to be Malaysian, but we are not entirely embraced it. I should say, Suharto did a really good job to seed patriotism in the heart of Indonesians. 

I have my own opinion about this issue, why we - Malaysians are unlike them. It has been 53 years after we obtained "Merdeka". I do admit, within 53 years of aged, they managed to govern Malaysia very well. Politics, economy, agriculture, affairs and technology, indeed, very well developed and growth.. However, because of these luxuries that our ancestors have established and given to us, we tend to forget, how grateful we should be. Why? because, we are in comfort state.. I mean, everything is before our eyes.. Everything.. Unlike them, years ago, they lived in hardship. Everything that they earned was only as a bulwark against starvation.  Its hard for you to communicate and etc. But, just look at what happened nowadays, even a 5 year-old child can have a brand new phone! We are living in luxury, until we forget how hard it was before we were born, how, our grandparents strive to achieve something that we have right now. That is the reason why we forget and forgot.. Unlike the Indonesians, they need to admit, due to a large scale of territory, they have more problems comparatively. And one of it is poverty. Poverty is hardship. Therefore they learn how to appreciate more. Especially when they earn something. I wasn't sure the exact correlation between those (or maybe I know but I can't explain) but it seems that their hardship are paid off!

As a conclusion, 2 points,

1. Economy 
2. Patriotism

Think about it!