Friday, 26 November 2010

Memoirs of Jakarta - 1001 pictures will be remembered

It has been 3 years after I first came here, Jakarta. I started my life here with full of hatred. I hated Jakarta so much! I can't stand the weather, pollutions, and the hectic life of Jakarta. Oh! not to forget, the people, especially the sarcastic and irritating one! Which really got on my last nerve! I wish that I could command the sun and the moon to turn my days and nights back, until I first received the offer! But that is the past. Those things did happen to me. I live with full of hatred here. 

But then again, by hook or by crook I need to stay in Jakarta at least five and a half year. Therefore, I'd really need to change my perception and adapt to the situation. And to my surprise! Jakarta isn't bad! Not at all. I mean we need to be realistic. For sure, Malaysia, the place that I was born is way better. You can't compare to that. There's a huge different between a place that you need to stay forcefully in 5 years of time and a place that you have stayed willingly for more than 20 years! 

So I think, other than my stressful and boredom life as a medical student, I do enjoy Jakarta pretty much! I had so much laughed with friends - Indonesian and Malaysian, the malls, street foods, interesting places and etc. You see, it is undeniable that there are things that is hard for you to tolerate, but then again, I rather choose to focus on the happiness that I will get during my 5 years of living in Jakarta. There are 3 things that I still hate about Jakarta - mad drivers that honk 24/7, Indonesians who pretend to know how to speak Malay (but I hate Malaysian who pretend that they can speak Indonesian lang. more! I hate those Malays) and my maid aka mbak. Above all I think Jakarta is okay!

The only problem is when the allowance is not sufficient. Seriously, living in Jakarta, with the living cost is high, one thousand ringgit is not enough. Just try to survive with a thousand than you'll understand what I mean. 


@ Yogjakarta

During lecture with friends :)

Hang out with mates!

Hotel duty!

They are so-called juniors!

Buddies @ DUFAN! 

Raya with colleagues!