Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Holiday. I wonder why I should be in class, still! Argghh!! hahaha... It is so awkward to celebrate Thanksgiving if we're not in America and Canada. I haven't had a chance to celebrate either. I think, Malaysia too, should have a Thanksgiving-like celebration. Hehehe.. I bet, some of us, Malaysians, especially those who study Islamic teaching might think that I am insane suggesting this kind of celebration. But, if I am wrong, I am sorry! But, I used to think that way. What is it? I thought that Thanksgiving is a religious festival/celebration of Christian like Christmas and Eidul Fitri in Islam. Yeah, I know, I was so stupid of not knowing that until recently, for the past few years I met a friend, he is an American. We share many things, as well as celebration in both country. Then I know that Thanksgiving, is actually a non-religious celebration that is celebrated by all Americans - Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Native American as well as Aborigines. It is actually a public holiday held by United States to give thank to all they earned.. Is it? hahaha.. But, you get the idea. Even though if you read through some articles about thanksgiving, there are some religious issues there, but actually, it is not a specific celebration for specific religion. It's like Independence Day, where everybody can join. The best part is during Thanksgiving, you are able to meet all you relatives. Everybody come back home like eidulfitri. Also, there's turkey!! that is why in America some might call it Turkey Day! I always thought turkey is for Christmas! Argghhh as silly as I am! I think, that is enough for thanksgiving. I am currently so sleepy. I actually, wasn't sure why I write this. Maybe this link about Thanksgiving might help us to understand more about culture around the world. At least we know something about what's happening around the world!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!