Sunday, 25 April 2010

18 SX

Actually I will be sitting for my mid module exam 13 hours to go. But, I haven't finished reading the notes yet. Even a day before exam, procrastination is still unwilling to let me go! We are the best couple that this world ever have! I watch movies, facebook-ing, listen to songs and etc..

I look at my Facebook, there are few things that I hate to see in Facebook is people like to have dramas. Expressing how pathetic their life is [but if you look at their photos, trust me, even the best investigators couldn't find any sign of sadness in those pictures] but their everyday status is like there are no happiness at all! as for people like this, I feel sorry for you guys. PATHETIC!

Other than that, I hate to see when the status is very the "jiwang"! ape kes?

G : Hubby..hubby... hubby nak rindu baby x?

B : Hubby rindu sangat baby...

G : Hubby.. hubby... hubby nak makan?

B : Nak! nak! peyot hubby pun dah lapar dah ni

G : Hubby nak makan apa hubby? [eyes blink]

B : Hubby nak makan ba** [DANGGG!!!]

tolong la... please make it private will ya? thank god I am a medical student [Now I know why God destined me to be a medical student.. for sure!] so I know what I need to do when I feel like I want to vomit! Oh please! we are nearly 22 year-old already, you might consider to be matured. tak kan lah semua cerita cinta korang nak post kat wall. korang rasa orang suke sangat ke? [tak tahu la orang lain kan] kalau aku geli gila! sore eyes tahu! menggedik sana sini.. kalau ye pon bahagia xyah la nak campak benih2 kebahagiaan tu kat FB sebab benih2 tu nanti berkulat...

the end...

p/s : actually tak tahu nak cakap apa.. tapi nak tulih jugak.. so saje cari benda nak cari pasal dgn org ;p

hari ni birthday someone ;D