Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Aged-Women

I was so sad when I gazed to that women - her tiring routine of taking care her three grandchildren, preparing nice and delectable dishes day and night, until she has less time of her own. Keeping herself hectic doing all the chores even though she has a permanent maid and the other comes twice a week. I would suggest that those maids are not maids at all! If they were maids, they should do everything and she - the old lady, should rest and enjoy her life happily in peace and tranquility with her loving husband and her children. But it does not happen that way! Pathetic! I am sorry for you lady. If I could give a hand, I will. BUT I'M NOT! I am the child who is not a child! Not at all, I did not help her as much as I could! Even worse, I dragged her into my miseries! If I am her child, I should ease her burden, and I should take a good care of her. What I did? I didn't help her to prepare the lunch, I didn't help her for the chores, or any other thing that I should do. As you can see I am, now, writing this nonsense pretending that I feel sorry for her while I don't even know what she is doing right now. Hypocrite? I think so. If she is sleeping right now, I hope she sleeps tightly without any disturbance late at night. You deserve better than what you have right now. You succeeded to give your children everything that they need. You have thought them very well. They should thank you for every single thing that you have done to them. I need to thank to you. More than "thank" I think. You deserve more mom. You should have decent clothes bought by your children, everyday when you wake up, you should have a nice breakfast with your beloved husband prepared by either you children or the maid. You should go for vacations paid by your children and enjoying your life. That is what you should have and not like what you have right now! mom.... I am so sorry, I have failed you.