Friday, 23 April 2010


ok since yesterday, I wrote my blog "rojak-ly" so as for today, I wanna try to write it properly [which I totally doubt that I have such skill]

Early in the morning, as usual I have group discussion. Nice and cool but not so good! Tutor? 5 stars! Student? even the brightest star is still shady! I was thinking, did god really believe that I can be a medical students? Oh sorry, not just me.. the rest of the group as well. Oh come on, it is a simple case, but we can't even discuss it.. How stupid I can be? ermm.. DAMN STUPID! haha.. But actually, I don't really care with my stupidity, as long as I can survive in this very world, I am grateful enough.

After the discussion, I went back home [skip classes] reason? simple. very simple. I don't have any strong reason for me to go to a class which is not a class.. I have enough experience with such lecturer. I mean, your responsibility to stand in front of the class is to teach psychiatry. But you didn't. You are teaching me, how drug travels from America to China and finally reached Indonesia. And my dear Mr. Lecturer it is really unfortunate for me to hear that when the drug reached Indonesia, the citizens did not share your uneasiness. In fact, they were so happy using it until you can see these pathetic drug abuser in every single corner of this country. I do feel sorry for you but actually I don't care that much. Seriously, I don't because my concern is to learn psychiatry instead of history! Ok! I know I hurt your feeling by not attending your class (did you? ok lets pretend that you do ) but honestly, I don't think the history of that kind of stuff really helps me to pass my exam.
Afternoon, I went to salon to pamper my hair and face. Ok.. F.Y.I people use to laugh at me when I pronounce it suh-lawn instead if suh-loon... I want to verify something on behalf of my "stupid" pronunciation. I know I am a Malay boy, pretending to be an English even though my English is sucks! Or some of you guys might think that I am showing off, basically, I don't mind about that. You may accuse me anything that you want to, because I don't care and I never care. I'm speaking in English or writing in English because "SAYA SEDAR DIRI SAYA TAK PANDAI DALAM ENGLISH JADI SAYA KENE BERLATIH" not to show off as you guys think I am. ok... Let's share something, I am not sure how the Americans pronounce it but I have checked few online dictionary and my pronunciation is correct! it suh-lawn ok! so after this we make it as a habit to use suh-lawn instead of suh-loon... I don't mind if people laugh at me, because I know I'm correct. :)

So, I had a facial spa, hair creambath and massage. During facial, what shocked me was the guy ask me something. Before that he asked me whether I have girlfriend or not? and I said I had once. Then, a killer question from him,


And I was like????? what the hell are you thinking??!! You know I am a Muslim... stupid! of course not! I don't even touch her dude! Does something called lust has been unleashed from the center of your unhygienic brain?!! What on earth I am going to touch her vagina!

Ko gila! haaa kan aku dah kuar bahasa aku! ko hengat pompuan tu sedap2 je ke leh masuk bilik lelaki pastu boleh melompat atas katil buat benda2 tu?? Soalan cam bongok! ko pernah rasa x botol lotion masuk dalam mulut ko?kalau x bapak dia cincang aku buat kari! mak bapak aku buat dulu! cincang sampai lumat, bagi ayam makan! bodoh gila punya soalan... terbeliak mata aku time buat facial tu! dari pedih2 lansung anesthesia dah jadinya! sewel!

so I said " Nope. Nope even once" I think he was shocked for a couple of seconds.. and then he claimed that I'm not being open minded. He advised me to try to be open minded. Owww!! Now, I would suggest him to consider himself to further his study in psychology! He advised me very well! and I am impressed!

Dalam hati, kepala hotak ko.. ko nak kene luku kepala ko dgn siku runcing aku yang xda lemak ni? nak cuba try test?! ya Allah hai, ape la banghal orang Islam seko ni! So kiranya kalau nak jadi open minded aku perlu lah melakukan perkara itu? xpelah ye.. terima kasih je la... saya suka berfikiran jumud seperti ni... at least nampak lain daripada yang lain siket.. lebih baik aku jumud daripada mak bapak aku dengan rela hatinya melapah aku pakai parang karat kat blakang umah tu buat sup! bongok lah ko!

Then he asked me, "are you bisexual?"

ni lagi la... dah bodoh.. bangang pulak kan sekarang! haah aku bisex.. nape? ko nak ke? aku amek semalam satu pompuan RM500.. kalau lelaki up siket RM 1000.. sebab kalau pompuan byk benda leh buat.. kalau laki sangat limited. jadi susah siket! bodoh!! ape la masalah orang ni.. first time aku dapat tukang facial psycho macam ni... dah la aku dalam tu sorang2, kang dia terkam aku yang kering melidi ni mampos aku... jadi kalau aku xpegang tgn pompuan maksudnya aku gay la ek??! xlah.. saya xda perasaan dgn laki2 and dgn perempuan.. saya ada perasaan dengan kucing rumah saya... nampak dia sexy gila.. tertiap hari xpakai baju! xmacam manusia, tutup... so xpuas tgk.. tgk kucing putih saya ni gila seksi! tanpa seurat benang kat badan dia. just rantai kutu tu je yang ada!

Haaa.. kan seksi tuh! kucing ak bogel! siap buat pose lagi kat atas katil aku!

to u >>> BRENGSEK!!!!


After I had a horror facial treatment, I continue with my hair creambath and massage. Thank god not the same person. A new hair dresser. Huuh... Relief! A male as well. Ok, the purpose I am choosing male hair dresser is because I am a guy, and I DO mind if a girl touch me. Unless there is no male hair dresser in respected salon ok! [Somehow I am certain that I am a KISAS student! hahhaha]... I have a nice and relaxing massage and hair spa until my skin looks like I was abused! Its red all over my body!!!

tulang yang berkulit kene dera! merah satu badan

Finally went to the counter, to pay... Rp 55,000 (RM20++) ONLY!! yeah baby! I am looking forward to go there again and again! hahaha

Conclusion :

1. Mission to write a proper English : FAILED
2. Mission to pamper myself : SUCCEEDED